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Ab Circle Pro is a best seller among Ab Machines in 2009 and 2010. Does it live up to the hype? Is it worth the investment? Read our honest review.

More than two million Ab Circle Pro equipments have been reported to be sold in the US, Britain, Canada, Europe, India and Australia. Jennifer Nicole Lee, the renowned fitness model whose fitness world consists of fitness programs, fitness products and fitness supplements, is the spokesperson for the Ab Circle Pro. She claims that she has lost 80 pounds with the help of the Ab Circle Pro. She also claims that she won the Miss Bikini Diva title mainly because of the Ab Circle Pro.

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Be careful about websites which tries to give a negative review about ab circle pro. They may try to promote their own weight loss products.

Ab Circle Pro - A Threadmill For Your Abs

Ab Circle Pro has become the latest trend of the fitness world because of its unique shape and unusual working pattern which produces great results. Ab Circle Pro is like a “Treadmill for your abs”. Ab circle pro not only works out your abs, but also gives you a cardio workout. The equipment can be modified with a small adjustment, and can be made to work your thighs and buns. Because of these unique features, it stands out from the other fitness equipments in the market today. Since the machine serves double purposes, that is, working out your ab muscles and giving you a cardio workout, it has attracted the attention of millions who wish to get fit.

Just a three minute workout everyday with the Ab Circle Pro is enough to get your desired six pack abs. Many user reviews indicate that this is true to a large extent though the duration of workout with the Ab Circle pro that has worked for different people differs. Many users who have purchased Ab Circle Pro say that it takes about four to six weeks of working out with this equipment to see desirable results. About 20 minutes workout a day has made it possible for many to get their dream six pack abs.

Many fitness equipments give you a crunch style workout that strains only the centre region of your abdominal muscles. This is where the major difference comes when you consider the Ab Circle Pro. Ab Circle Pro trains your entire core region which includes the upper abs, middle abs, and the lower abs. Another plus is that, as mentioned earlier, the cardio workout of Ab Circle Pro gives aerobic exercise to your upper and lower body including your thighs, hips and waist too.

Update:Ab Circle Pro 2.0

        ab circle pro 2.0

Ab circle pro has been improved in 2010. Ab circle pro can now handle more weight and it last longer. Many upgradations were made in the materials used and the overall strenght of the machine. This 2.0 version of ab circle pro is currently available only through Ab circle pro official website.

Gyrological Motion

The equipment blends a strong aerobic workout with cardio. The gliding movement that the machine provides when you are over it makes you move from one side to another or in other words gives you a to and fro motion that burns your abdominal fat and gets it firmer and well toned. The kind of movement it provides is essential to shape up and tone the muscles in the love handles (waist region) as well. The machine, without taking much effort from your part, burns many calories. Besides the gliding movement that you get from the Ab Circle Pro, it also boosts your metabolism and improves the flexibility of your joints, muscles and bones.

Resistance Levels

The gyrological motion of Ab Circle Pro is like resistance training that is used to develop and train muscles. The machine provides three levels of resistance. You can choose and set your desired resistance level according to your degree of experience of working with the Ab Circle Pro. The Ab Circle Pro works your arms and torso simultaneously as it works your abs. For working out your thighs and buns, you need to put a special pin that comes with the machine at the right knee pad. It is an easy modification. This conversion will enable the gliders to move independently when you move your knees apart and together repeatedly.

Thus the Ab Circle Pro works out your entire body –your abs, your arms, shoulders, torso, thighs, hips, buns and legs. This is the only ab exercising equipment that works this many muscle groups of your body. So, you not only trim and tone your abs and other body parts with the Ab Circle Pro, but also lose your excess body weight with it.

To achieve good results in a few weeks using the Ab Circle Pro, a 20 minute workout everyday would be sufficient. The equipment aids fast burning of calories and hence you get faster results. It is essential to take a healthy diet when you are planning to lose weight with any exercise equipment. With Ab Circle Pro, taking a healthy diet as recommended by their diet plan would generate excellent results. The diet plan comes along with the Ab Circle Pro for free. You can get more information about all these things and other bonuses from the Ab Circle Pro Official Website.

Instructional DVDs, Diet Plans, and More

When you order the Ab Circle Pro, you get the equipment delivered at your door well packed, and you have to pay a small amount as shipping charge. You will also receive a DVD that contains exercise instructions to use the equipment efficiently, a manual that contains written instructions in it, an activity monitoring device with a battery, and a tool kit. The equipment weighs about 25 pounds and it is made up of gym quality steel. It is compact in size and is foldable. When you are not using the equipment, you can fold it and place it under the cot or inside your cupboard. So it doesn’t take up your home space. The convenience that this equipment gives you is that you can use it from the very comfort of your home. You can even carry it to your lawn/garden and workout in natural air.

The instructions in the DVD are very detailed and you will learn how to use the Ab Circle Pro in one single go. After watching the brief instructions contained in the DVD, you are ready to start using the Ab Circle Pro. The machine unlike other fitness equipments is a great fun to use. It is just an enjoyable experience when you are working out over it. It also increases your heart rate and hence you get a great work out too. 

The Ab Circle Pro fitness machine can be bought in two different ways. You can either make a single payment and buy the Ab Circle Pro or take a thirty day trial of the equipment and make five easy payments thereafter if you like it. If you decide to go for a once for all payment, you need to pay $199.75. And, if you want to go for the trial offer, you need to pay $14.95. We would highly recommend you to go for the free trial with priority shipping. Within the trial period, if you are not satisfied even after working on the machine for a considerable period, you can return it. If you decide to keep the machine for yourself, you can make five easy and small payments of $39.95 every month and keep the Ab Circle Pro.

Important: Money back guarantee, v2.0 upgraded machine and free trials are applicable only when you purchase through the Ab Circle Pro official website. We highly recommend you to purchase through the official website to enjoy all these benefits, especially the upgraded machine.

Many who have purchased and worked with the machine feel that it is worth the cost as it has given them their desired results and their dream body. You also get a 1 year warranty for the product. Any damage within the warranty period will be taken care by the company at free of cost.

Although the machine is renowned for the results that it produce, if at all for any reason you don’t like it after purchasing it, you can return it and get your money back. Hence you don’t have anything to lose except your stubborn fats.

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