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A Stability ball is a simple plastic ball filled with air used for fitness exercises. They are capable of withstanding few hundred pounds. Normally hard and a stable surface is used for many of the belly fat exercises whereas a stability ball provides an unstable platform in which the belly muscles contract to maintain body balance and its stability. Abdominal tuck or stomach tuck is one such exercise concentrating on the lower torso and belly and helps in reducing the belly fat.  



Begin by lying flat on the floor. Grab the ball in hands and stretch the arms and feet in opposite directions. This is the initial position. Now raise the legs and bend them at the knees ensuring a chair like pose. Stay still for a few seconds. Bring the ball to the knees and raise the head. Inhale while doing so and stretch to the greatest level ensuring the ball touches the insteps of the feet. During this entire work out the feet should point towards the corner of the wall. While crunching down the lower part of the body should move towards the chest so that a maximum stretch is achieved. On reaching the feet, raise the ball back over head and move the lower part of the body to reach the initial position. Make sure the feet and head do not touch the ground this time and exhale while crunching back. Repeat these steps for 3 sets each with 5 to 10 work outs for effective action on the belly fat. 


Abdominal tuck can be performed with some modifications to burn the belly and its surrounding fats together. Crunching the legs at 45 degrees to the corner of the floor is an addendum. Without bending, the legs can be stretched and feet pointed towards the upper corner where the wall and ceiling meet. This has a much intensified effect on the belly fat reduction. Bringing the feet down as much as possible will be more challenging than bringing the feet up. 

Stability Ball size 

It is very vital to choose a stability ball right for one’s height. A 55 cm stability ball can be used by the persons under 162 cms of height and 65 cm ball by the people under 171 cms of height and a 75 cm ball for others over 171 cms of height. 


Abdominal tuck using a stability ball has very high effect on the belly fat as this falls into the high intensity exercise. The more we do more is the pain and obviously less goes the belly. It is hard to be carried out in the first few days but after which a routine work out compliments an improved physical fitness. Improper workout like having the legs loose without bending properly, not stretching to the greatest possibility, does not cause any pain and hence has to be rectified. On the whole, belly fat reduction is very much possible with abdominal tuck exercises. 




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