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With normal human lifestyle becoming more sedentary and physical activity almost becoming nil, people have started looking into alternative methods for reducing body fat that gets deposited in particular areas of the body.

Predominantly the abdomen is one spot that becomes obviously bulky making you feel apprehensive in public. Well, this has brought about a lot of hype about the abdominal belts that can be used by everyone and anytime.

The Flex Belt – Not a third quality ab belt available in the market  

Though there are a number of abdominal belts available in the market, Flex Belt is one product that stands separate from others, mainly due to its technology and construction. Do not compare the Flex Belt with the third quality ab belts available in the market. The Flex Belt is an FDA cleared ab belt. Using a Flex Belt is exactly like doing ab workouts without much effort. Flex Belt is tested and proven to work for anyone.

The Technology 

Flex belt is based on remarkably modern technology and is very effective in toning your abdomen giving best results when used regularly for just 6 weeks. The results obtained are almost astonishing and proven to work for everyone who uses it.

In clinical trial conduction on people with hefty abdominal make up, there was a 100 percent positive result in flattening, strengthening and also toning the abdominal muscles of participants.

It is the first Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) that has been cleared by the FDA. It is not gimmick but true technology that is based on medical science and is cleared for the direct sale to consumer by FDA.


proven results

Exercise Anywhere and Anytime 

With profession and business taking major portion of your day, allocating time for doing crunches or sit ups would be a gargantuan task to you. These are circumstances where the Flex belt comes in handy to you.

Flex belt can be used anywhere, even when you travel. It is concealable under your clothing thus making it possible for you to continue toning your abs whenever you require.

There is no restriction about the time when you can use the Flex belt. You can use the Flex belt whenever you find time to wear it.

Working of Flex belt 

When you use Flex belt you would feel it working on your abdomen. A small and consistent vibrating movement on your stomach is the visible evidence of the working of the belt.

There are different stages in exercise ranging from 1 to 100 in the Flex belt. You can adjust the stage as per your requirement. For a beginner stage one would give confidence and satisfaction to move ahead.

As you move ahead along the stages you would find great toning effect to the abdominal muscles.

The pulsating feeling in your abdomen is felt for some time (few seconds) and then there is a period of rest. The workout is quite simple and cool.

Features of Flex belt 

The Flex belt uses advanced, medically proven technology that has the ability to make your ab muscles firm and well toned, with no pain especially due to highly repetitive exercise routines.

The manufacturers of this product are based in Galway and have been in the business of making and marketing Electric Muscle Stimulating devices for decades, giving more reliability to the Flex belt.

Almost all of their Electric Muscle Stimulating devices made by them are being used and medically prescribed by more than 5000 clinics around the globe, because of the technology that is similar to physical therapy given by practitioners.

Precision of the design and the easy usability makes the Flex belt more sought after particularly for making the abdomen flat and getting six pack abs.

The Unique Construction 

Flex belt is made using medical grade Gel Pads, that have three layers and are pre-positioned in such a way that they cover the abdominal muscles and the external obliques.

The electric signals that arise from the belt spread out and reach out to all nerves that are involved in the abdominal construction and concentrate their work on them.

It is common knowledge that when nerves are worked upon, there is a positive result on the muscles that are connected to them, thus resulting in a natural contraction in a relaxed manner.

Mode of Action 

Flex beltgives you the comfort of controlling the intensity of action on your muscles. This feature is very helpful for both beginners and advanced users as they can control the intensity they want.

Flex Belt is recommended by the following fitness experts and celebrities.



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Comfortable and Lesser Time Required  

Using Flex belt is quite easy and very comfortable. You have to use the belt just for 30 minutes a day regularly for a few weeks. This is quite easy to use the belt even in your busy schedule, because you do not necessarily have to stop working when you use the belt.

Hence the Flex belt is best for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts who have less time to spend to include physical exercise in their daily schedules. Even people who are differently-abled can use Flex belt. 

Affordable price 

Flex belt comes in very affordable and reasonable price. Do not compare the flex belt with other cheap ab belts available in the market. This is a genuine produce which has been proven to work and it has been used by over 2 million people around the world. They charge $199.99 for the complete package which include over $100 worthy compliments.

In the recent past, fitness magazines for 1 year, 1-on-1 doctor advice, Spa quality body wrap, free shipping, complimentary membership in FlexBeltNutritionMD, complimentary membership foronline meal planner and many more are given as Thank you rewards for its customers.

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You get reduction in price when you order more than one belt in a single order. For example, two belts come for $ 349.00 saving $50. Three belts would cost only $499.99 giving you a saving of $100, etc.

Money Back Guarantee 

The manufacturers of the Flex belt are so confident about the make and results that they offer a 100 percent money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfactory with the results of the Flex belt as being advertised, you are free to claim 100% money back within 60 days from the day of placing the order.


Though there are a number of abdominal belts in the market, Flex belt is the most useful and result oriented ab belt giving best results with no pain and sweat.

The price is quite reasonable and is worth the buy.

Official Website:www.theflexbelt.com

This product gets double thumbs up in our review.