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Why You Can't Lose Belly Fat With Abdominal Crunches? 


Reducing the belly fat is an important task for many people all around the world due to obesity issues. Many exercises are carried out to have a physically fit outlook without much bloated stomach. Abdominal crunch is one such exercise carried out to burn out the belly fat. It is one of the easy exercises performed to reduce the belly fat with great results in a very short period of time. 

This is the No.1 exercise to lose belly fat and any fitness professional will have this exercise in the top list for reducing belly fat. This exercise has great effects when compared to many other exercises to lose belly fat and it is very effective. You might feel difficult to do crunches at the beginning but after few days you will find it very easy and very effective. It is highly recommended to do this exercise each and every day and you can see great results in just a month.  




No equipments are needed to work out the belly fat in this case. Begin by lying down flat on the floor. Now bend the knees with feet on the floor. Hold the hands just by the side of the ears. Do not interlock them. Take a deep breath before starting off. Now crunch up lifting the head and chest a bit against the gravity and try to touch the knees with the forehead. On achieving this, move down slowly, exhaling the air. Downward movement must be slower than the crunch up movement. Rolling off the upper torso as said is fine to start with to reduce the belly fat.  

To have much more effectiveness, push the chest and head towards the ceiling while simultaneously pushing the lower back flat onto the floor. Our anatomy will lead to a crunching pattern conspicuously. Trying to crunch up towards the ceiling causes much more stress on the abdomen part. On reaching the maximum top position, hold still for a moment and then come back down. Do not try to convert this to a sit up exercise as it will stress hip flexors and the lower back too much. Repeat the above mentioned steps 5 to 10 times in a single set. Normally 3 sets are done with proper time intervals between each set. 5 to 15 minutes of work out in a day can have a desirable effect on the belly fat reduction. 

Tips and Effects 

While working out abdominal crunches make sure that the head faces the ceiling in the initial position so that thereafter it remains in line with the spine. The chin should not touch our chest as this would cause a much reduced effect on the abdomen and it will increase pressure in the neck region. The crunching up and down movements must be done at an optimum speed to gain the greatest possibility of benefit from this work out. Having the feet up on a bench or desk is not at all advisable. 


Abdominal crunches have a much intensified effect on the belly fat and hence fall into the high intensity category. Without consuming much time and money towards equipments abdominal crunches provides a very good physical performance.   



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