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This is quite a different method of all the exercises which ploys the cycling action conducive to strain and burn out fats in the lower abdominal region (belly fat). The fats that are not actively metabolized in the body are deposited as such in the belly region. As the storage increases over time, the skin in the exterior stomach region will expand to accommodate the stored contents. This expansion will overtly be towards the ground with the gravitational pull. The muscles will become loose towards the tapering end of the apparent stomach region. It is necessary to rely on exercise that will test out the fats in the lower abdominal region also. One such exercise has been charted out with procedure and effects in this article.


How to do Air Cycling

One should lie on the ground with fairly thin layer of clothing with eyes looking up at the skies. The hands should be tightly stuck to the ground such that the palms are facing the ground or it can be placed behind the head. The legs should be raised with knees bent to a moderate extent in the air. With slow and steady balance, the cycling movements should be done in the air continuously for a period of two minutes. In any circumstances, the hands should not be taken up which diverts the tension imparted at abdominal region to shoulder and arm regions. Three sets of this exercise per day will prove enough to increase the tenacity of abdominal muscles to expand downwards.


The first and foremost precaution before doing this exercise is to ensure a healthy blood circulation in the body. This can be done by mild warm up methods like walking and jumping for a very brief period of time. The surface where one should lie should be absolutely flat and must not impose any strains to other parts of the body. The clothing that should be worn should be of light thickness such that it should not hinder or block blood circulation. This exercise should never be performed with stomach full of food as it will prompt vomiting sensations. The last thing to be noted is that this should not be done indoors with fans on as it inhibits fresh oxygen in blood and hence low burning of fats.



This exercise is mainly meant for lower abdominal region that is most prone for fat storage as a result of gravitational impact. As this exercise is done lying flat on the ground, the lower muscles are diverted from bearing tensions of the fats. This will help in tightening up of those muscles providing lesser margin of space for the fats. The fats stored are also burnt largely in the belly region as this exercise demand more calories and the targeted area is also very accurate. 



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