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Abdominal obesity, commonly known as belly fat, is an accretion of visceral fat which usually leads to increase in waist size. Visceral fat also called as intra-abdominal fat is present between the internal organs and the body. The fat that is present under the skin is called subcutaneous fat. The subcutaneous fat is relatively easier to lose and pose less danger to the health than the visceral fat. This is because the visceral fat is embedded deep inside the body tissues and is difficult to reduce once accumulated. Also liver metabolizes visceral fat, converts into cholesterol and release it into the blood stream. This increases the chances of heart diseases, blood pressure, obesity etc. The exact amount of fat present in the human body can be measured only by means of imaging techniques. A person whose weight is proportionate to his age and height may still have excess intra abdominal fat stored in his body tissues. The only solution to visceral fat reduction and hence good health is proper diet and regular exercise.



This is one of the advanced exercises to develop the lower abdominal muscles and to reduce belly fats. One should lie flat on his back on a flat ground with his hands at his sides such that the palm faces the floor. Both the knees should be bent such that the feet are rested flat on the floor. Now the lower abdominal muscles should be contracted and one of the legs is slowly lifted until the calf comes parallel to the ground and the shin faces the ceiling. The lower abdominals must be kept tightened so that the lower back does not arch when lifting the leg. Now the first leg is brought back to the initial position and the other leg should be lifted. The above procedure should be repeated for desired number of times. 


A blood pressure cuff can be used while working out this exercise in order to get good bio feedback. The cuff should be placed beneath ones back, directly under the belly button and should be inflated to 40mm of Hg. A deep breath is taken and slowly exhaled, drawing the belly button towards the spine. Now the lower abdominals should be contracted until the blood pressure cuff reads 70mm of Hg and then the knees are slowly raised and lowered alternatively. 


Adequate amount of visceral fat is good for the body as they help in protecting the internal organs of the body. This exercises help in removing the excess fat and losing belly fat. They also help to make the body slender and improve the looks.




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