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The exercise ball has become popular nowadays especially for home exercises. Stability ball, balance ball and physio ball all means the same. Some people even call it as swiss ball. Exercising with a balance ball has a good range of motion. There are greater improvements in our balance, coordination and stability. It may seem tough at the beginning but it would not consume many days to master at it. Moreover the balance ball is a very cheap equipment to reduce the belly fat.



Ball crunches have much more effect on the belly fat reduction. The only thing needed is a stability ball. Start off the exercise by sitting on the stability ball. The knees are bent exactly at 90 degrees and the feet are kept flat on the floor. Now walk with both feet forward so that the ball rolls up the spine and fits exactly in the curve of the lower back. Hands are kept close to the ears and not interlocked. Now take a deep breath and crunch up with the feet grounded. Slowly contract the abdomen muscles as the upper body is raised up and twist to the right. On reaching the top pause for a moment and then creep back down exhaling air from the lungs. Now crunch up and twist towards the left inhaling and then move down slowly.  


The waist is stressed in this technique. Move the upper torso and then return back to the initial position. Repeat the same for 3 sets each with 12 repetitions and with adequate intervals and experience flattish belly instead of fattish belly.  

Points to be kept in mind 

  1. The neck has to be kept in a neutral position with a space between the chin and sternum. 
  2. This exercise can be performed without added weight until more resistance is needed. 
  3. Movements can be made easier by positioning hips low on the stability ball. 
  4. On the contrary, the exercise can be made challenging by positioning the hips higher and the stability ball lower on back. 
  5. Some may feel uncomfortable with lower back. So they are advised to use small ball size. 


Balance ball crunches are very simple exercises to reduce belly fat. A balance or stability ball alone is needed to reduce the belly fat. The difference between regular crunches and stability ball crunches is that in stability ball crunches the upper body is not supported and causes the body to use additional muscle groups. And since the ball moves body makes use of the stabilizer muscles too. By slightly turning the body as one crunch up, he can also work out his oblique muscles. The key to gain maximum benefit is to really squeeze and feel the pain instead of focusing on the momentum of the stability ball. 





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