How to lose your belly fat and get in shape in just 3 months from now!  


Lose Your Belly Fat in 4 steps. 100 % Guaranteed.

Step 1.  Choose a custom diet plan

Step 2.  Pick your exercises

Step 3.  Control stress

Step 4.  Increase your body metabolism

Many people don’t lose their excess belly fat even after a long time. Only three out of 100 people succeed in their weight loss journeys. Why?

1.       They don’t have a custom diet which is suitable for their body

2.       They were not able to follow the diet properly

3.       They don’t do exercises regularly

4.       They can’t reduce their stress

5.       They don’t know how to increase their body metabolism easily

Custom Diet Plan

Each one of us has our own eating habits and also the amount of physical activities we do varies from one another. Hence, one diet plan will not suit each and every one of us. Your body is unique and you need a custom diet plan to suit your needs. Many people do a blunder in this step. They blindly follow a diet plan which may not be suitable for their bodies. This ultimately results in failure. This is the most important of all the steps and you need to have a suitable custom diet plan for your body.

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How to stick on to your diet plan?

Many people will do the first step correctly. But after choosing a custom diet plan, they won’t stick on to their diet plan. You might have come across the same situation before. Some of the main reasons are

1.       Lack of appropriate groceries

2.       Laziness in preparing the food/ Lack of time to prepare

3.       You don’t like the menu

4.       Meetings, parties, outings etc

How to follow your diet plan regularly without skipping even a single day?

It is a bit difficult to avoid foods in meeting or parties. But you can overcome the first three reasons very easily with the help of meal delivery plans.

Meal delivery plans are very much useful to stick on to your diet plan. You get freshly prepared delicious meals right at your door steps and you have hundreds of menus to pick from. You will have a complete control over your calorie intake and moreover these meal plans are designed to lose your weight naturally. This is a proven strategy that works!'s meal delivery plans which have over 100 delicious selections are highly recommended. won Forbes magazine's Best of the Web award for the diet & nutrition category and also won PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award. More recently, meal delivery service, Deliciously Yours, was acknowledged by the premier award-winning food website as the best meal delivery service. Judged on flavor, nutrition, portion size, convenience, variety, and customer service & support tools. If you don't reach your weight loss goals in 6 months, they will give you the next 6 months free!

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Environment plays a very vital role in making a person to do exercises. Let me explain…

Will a complete beginner feel comfortable to do exercises in front of a group of body builders?

The person will definitely feel a bit ashamed of his own body in front of a group of body builders who are well trained and well built. This will put him off. Moreover, he might not know what to do and how to do it perfectly. This is one of the main drawbacks of gym for beginners.

Fitness clubs are great for beginners and you can find people who are like you. One of the main advantages of joining these fitness clubs is that you don’t need to do exercises; rather the crowd will make you do it. All the people will have same momentum and this will boost your confidence level too. Group exercise classes are the best for beginners. Don't feel shy. Everyone is going to be fatter and hence no one will feel the difference.  

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3 Most Powerful Stress Busters

Excess stress produces a hormone called as cortisol. This hormone increases the fat deposition in your belly. Hence you need to control your stress if you want to burn fat. Here are three most powerful stress busters.

1.       Watch comedies

2.       Go out and relax with people.

3.       Play with children below 5 years.


Increasing Body Metabolism

Higher the metabolism, higher is the fat burning capacity. If you follow your exercises and diet plan properly, you will naturally increase your body metabolism. You don’t need to do anything more than this.

More about exercises

I have not covered much about exercises in this article. You can read more about any questions related to exercises in Mike Geary’s Truth about abs website. He has helped more than half a million people worldwide to lose their belly fat and get a flat abs. More than 100000 people visit his website each and every day. No one else can teach better than him when it comes to belly exercises and losing belly fat. Mike is a  Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). Visit Mike’s Truth about abs website now.

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Which diet is right for you? 

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