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Belly fats are nothing but the secretion and storage of visceral fats in the midsection of the body which may lead to grave diseases or its inflammation alone can lead to horrendous pains and consequences. The best way to avoid all these consequences is to be aware and prevent the same in the early stages. The inflammation syndrome which originates from belly fat ailment is malignant and can induce normal cells to function abnormally .One of the exercise to thwart the belly fat disorder in early stages is as follows.


Belly Resting Exercise 

This is one among the abdominal exercises that give workouts to the belly region to dissipate energy. Belly resting exercise is to take over the body weight to the belly by lying down flat on ground. The proper procedure for this exercise is as follows. One should lie on flat ground and take in as much air as possible. Now, slowly the arms and legs should be lifted off the ground and it should be stretched. The arms should be stretched very much forward with mediocre height and so as legs. This position should be held for at least one minute. Exercise should be repeated ten times at once either in the morning or late evening before taking in big meals. The air taken inside will give pressure from the other side and the ground on which the whole body is resting will give pressure too. So the muscle layer flanked by pressure on both side will wear out sweat and dissipate energy.


The dress worn should be loose so that the blood circulation should be let free on its routine. Consuming more food before doing the exercise should be absolutely prohibited. The atmosphere must be fresh with moderate sunlight which will keep the body fresh and gives ease to mind for exercising.


This exercise exploits all the natural ways and solutions that will suit our human body without any side effects. The usage of natural conditions will give slow but gradual increase in the reduction of belly fats and health. This exercise targets the belly region directly as the whole body weight along with the gravitational force is focused on the belly.

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