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BodyBugg Review

Bodybugg Review

Nowadays everyone is concerned about being fit and healthy. In todays busy lifestyle everyone tend to ignore so many things concerned to our health. We wish if someone could really guide and take care of our health. Well Bodybugg is a device that helps you to keep track of calories that your burn throughout the day. If you are dieting it really becomes difficult to keep a check on your calories.

Bodybugg Functioning

Bodybugg works with two components

• A small device that you can wear throughout the day on your arm
• A web based program

You need to enter in some personal information through internet, which includes age, food that you prefer, weight goals, activity level and so on. The device works using sensor technology and monitors the energy you consumed and other activities like walking exercise and even the time spent in front of the computer. The calculation depends entirely on your health profile. Each night you need to feed in the information about your food intake. Using this information, Bodybugg will keep a track on progress of your weight loss by calculating the amount of calories you need to intake or burn. Bodybugg is the one of the best and easiest solutions to keep a check on your calorie consumption. No guess work required as you get accurate results with Bodybugg.

How does Bodybugg work in calculating the calorie expenditure?

The Bodybugg uses 4 sensors to calculate your calorie expenditure and they are:

• 3 axis accelerometer – this measures your motion
• Heat Flux – helps measuring the heat dissipation from the body
• Galvanic Skin Response – Electrical conductivity of the skin is measured by this sensor
• Skin Temperature – helps in measuring skin surface temperature

How comfortable it is to wear Bodybugg?

Bodybugg is comfortable to wear and you can adjust the arm band according to your comfort level on your arm.

Bodybugg Weight loss Review

Bodybugg has combined the diet and fitness regime with internet. You get online support that Bodybugg provides to help you achieve your goals. You do not need to hire a personal trainer to guide you when you have Bodybugg with you. Getting in shape is easy with this device. Bodybugg offers a plan which helps you burn more calories than you intake. This process will result in using the stored fat in the body to generate energy. With bodybugg device you also get a diet and nutrition software which will monitor how much you are burning out on daily basis. With Bodybugg you can also speak to a personal trainer personally or via phone and get consultation on how to achieve your goals. You will also get access to your online membership account wherein you can lot of tips and information regarding fitness. Bodybugg motivates you to lose weight by providing great support and timely assistance. It motivates you to move more and it is a calorie-in-calorie-out program.

Investing in Bodybugg

It is worth to invest in Bodybugg as it is amazing calorie management tool which allows you to know about your calorie consumption and how much calories you are burning. Bodybugg has the best software program wherein the information is uploaded in the form of graphs and reports, which gives you a clear picture about your daily activities and calories burnt throughout the day. Goals are setup, graphs and charts enable you to understand the right way to achieve your fitness goals. This device will help you know about your diet and will guide you to make certain changes in your diet or exercise programs. Exercising is must to shed those extra pounds and you need to follow the data given by this device to make necessary changes. As this device gives you the exact information about your calorie intake and amount of calories that you burn every day, this will help you get a fair idea about the areas you need to emphasize on. So you can get rid of the guess work that you were doing to find out about your calorie consumption.

Features included in Bodybugg

• Superb Digital Display with graphs and charts which is motivating and informative as well
• It has a long battery life.
• Arm bands provided in two sizes.
• 6-12 months of online service after the purchase is made.
• Watchband and Clip-on provided for digital display.
• The sites give you exact BMR and calculation related to exercises.

Benefits of Bodybugg

• Knowledge of how much energy has been spent
• Knowledge of metabolic rate which differs from person to person
• Gain control over the fitness goals
• Knowing about how a particular exercise is helpful in terms of calorie expenditure.
•  Reports and information about nutritional data, which not only gives you information about calories but also   make you aware of cholesterol, sodium and fat percentages
• Tools available to keep a track of percentage of fat, its measurement and weight.
• Control of the steps taken to achieve goals.
• Inbuilt system for tracking your activities and diet.

Bodybugg Coaching

When you buy most bodybugg armbands, you will get 45 minutes of coaching session. This session contains the information about the website and other related information which will help you to stick to your goal and achieve success. These training sessions let you understand about how to use the system. There are certain features that are not easy to use and training session can help you understand them better. It will save your time and efforts. Try to use the website on daily basis. You can ask your coach to set some goals for you. You can make a list of questions in case you have any queries.

Bodybugg Conclusion

Bodybugg is easy to use and can act like your personal trainer at home 24/7 with you. Dedication and hard work will pay you and following the reports about your daily diet and activities through Bodybugg can help you achieve your goals easily. Using this product can help you a lot to maintain your fitness and quality health.