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Belly fat is a disorder due to the accumulation of complex food particles like fats and saturated oils in our stomach region. These food materials are inevitably stored because of the lack of resources to burn and exhaust them. In due course, the body will acclimatize to this routine of storing up instead of trying breaking it. Very nominal storage of these substances in the adipose tissue of the skin will help the body in maintaining warmth.

Excess storage will result in pot shaped stomach which will eventually result in heart and kidney related diseases. More than the physical disorders, the mental pressure and inferior feeling that arise will be displeasing. Proper measures of dieting and physical exercises will keep a check to these problems well in advance. Cardio exercises that will keep us fit and away from these disorders are given in this article. 



This is the best cardio exercise that can eat up more of your energy in short duration of time. This merely needs loose clothing around the body with a good pair of shoes. Half an hour of running will reduce nearly 400 calories of energy in the body. The belly will move up and down while running and get strained to a larger extent burning out energy in that region. 


Swimming is a comparatively tougher exercise to be practiced as it involves almost all the parts of the body and consumes more energy. The overall involvement of body parts will reduce the risk of specific body parts getting fatigued and cramped. Breaststroke swimming is highly recommended exercise to burn out calories. 


This cardio exercise will give excellent workouts to the abdomen region and upper part of the legs. Though this may not be possible to practice daily, it can be done as weekend pass time which gives mental relaxation as well as solves the purpose of burning belly fat. 

Mountain Climbing 

This really takes toll of our body energy when practiced. Proper equipments are necessary in carrying out this exercise. Mental strength increases while doing mountaineering practices. It is not advisable for ordinary people to carry out climbing exercises for more than half an hour as it may induce fainting symptoms. 


This is another cardio exercise for those who may feel walking a strenuous exercise. Cycling can be carried out easily for nearly one hour a day but care should be taken to select a time during which the pollution levels are low.  


Walking is an ideal exercise for all age groups. Half an hour or one hour of walking a day will keep us fit in all aspects. When walking is done in open air and when the environmental degradations is less, like that of morning, it will help our body to get good oxygen supply which will finally increase respiration process of breaking down foods. Treadmills can also be used especially for women who may feel uncomfortable in going out. Also it can be used by people who cannot find time to exercise in fresh air environments. Walking will induce strains directly in the pelvic and abdominal regions causing calories to get exhausted in those regions.  


Jumping is slightly a strenuous exercise for aged people but nevertheless can yield maximum results. This exercise will promote up and down movement of belly against the gravity creating energy loss in that place. It is advisable to wear soft shoes while performing this exercise to prevent any damage caused to the nerves in the legs. Using rubber mattress or trampoline sheets is also good improvisation. It is hard to practice jumping alone as an exercise as it can be monotonous and therefore can be clubbed along with walking and running exercises. 


It is just an extension of jumping exercise wherein a string or rope is used. Hands and leg coordination will come into play in this exercise. Initially, you may feel a bit dry because of lack of synchronization, but it will turn out to be quite an interesting workout in short period of time. Doing the exercise in open air especially in gardens or terrace where there is excessive supply of oxygen will give utmost benefits. 


This is nothing but walking for expansive duration but with proper equipments in an outdoor location. The hiking distance can be of a few kilometers which should take continuous walking for hours in natural environments. This greatly burn our calories especially for people with belly fats where the stored food contents will be used up. Fresh air atmosphere will also increase rate of breakdown and metabolism inside the body. The body temperature also rises significantly giving optimum conditions for body metabolism to accelerate and split down food particles. 

Note: Though, spot reduction of belly fat alone is very difficult, you should do these cardio exercises along with abdominal exercises to gain best results. Don’t forget to concentrate on your diet without which everything will go as a waste.  

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