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Chin up crunches is a strength training exercise, which strengthens the back and the biceps, while effectively reducing belly fat if executed correctly. This is a relatively tougher exercise when compared to other techniques of belly fat reduction. It requires the person to lift their own body weight against the force of gravity. A horizontally fixed bar is needed for this exercise. Start off the exercise by gripping the bar with both hands, with the palms curved towards you. Hang on the bar for your full body length. Pull yourself up till the chest reaches the bar’s height. Pause for a moment and then lower your body fully. The exercise is more effective when the body is lowered down to a full extension. This can also be done by gripping the bar with both hands, with the palms curved away from us. While crunching up the maximum point is to touch the bar with the chin. Now while lifting the body up, the abdomen gets tightened and thus the belly fat is miserably burnt. 



The lats are worked upon by this exercise. The upper part of the body should be stressed while keeping the lower part still. To obtain best results, perform the exercise for 3 sets with 6 to 8 repetitions. There should be proper intervals between each set. As the hands lift the body, they may get rough against the bar and normally hand gloves are preferred while working out this exercise. The effectiveness of this workout increases if the legs do not touch the floor while lowering the body.  

Points to be Remembered

1.      The biceps should not be stressed to pull the body weight. Instead the lats should be stressed. 

2.      The slower this exercise is done, the better the results.  

3.      Added weight can be used to increase the resistance against the body weight. 


This exercise may look tougher than most others but the results are equally overwhelming. Once the person gets the hang of it, the exercise proves to be an excellent way of reducing belly fat. In addition to the reduction of belly fat, the biceps, lats and shoulder blades too get worked up. The combined usage of the upper body muscles helps in strengthening the torso and building a thicker and wider frame. Moreover concentrating on a single muscle group also proves to be effective. 

The common availability of a horizontally fixed bar has made this exercise a very common one for a complete upper body workout. A stronger torso helps in improving body posture and increases stability. Once the initial difficulty is overcome, the results will be there for everyone to see. 



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