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Contour Abs Belt Review 


contourThe abdominal belts have been roaring in the fitness industry today. The main purpose of abdominal belts is to ensure that the muscles are active for contraction, and you can see significant results. Well, who has the energy and time to spare long hours at the gym? With Ab Belts, you can shape and tone your abs in just few minutes every day either while working or playing. However, not all abdominal belts work in an effective manner. You need to ensure that you choose the ideal ab toning belt to obtain best results. Contour CoreBelt is an ab sculpting belt that has been considered as one of the best ab belts in the market today. 

  About Contour CoreBelt

The Contour CoreBelt has been introduced to work on your abdominal muscles to ensure you obtain toned abs without breaking a sweat. It is an ab sculpting system that makes the belt wrap around your midsection right below the navel and implies a technology that is used in physical therapy called as EMS. EMS means Electronic Muscle Stimulation, which is used for strengthening muscles. The Contour CoreBelt makes use of four electrodes in order to send electric impulses that cause muscles to relax and contract. With the regular use of Contour CoreBelt, your abs will get toned and firmed.


How Does Contour CoreBelt Work?  


 contour Contour CoreBelt targets abs muscles for contraction of lower abs, upper abs, obliques and the lower belly areas with the help of the electronic muscle stimulation mechanism. The contour belt follows the stimulation process of contraction and relaxation similar to that of crunches or sit ups. Therefore, you get the benefits of toning your abs without going through much of strain and stress. The electronic pulses gently stimulate nerves that are located underneath the skin. The nerves help in exciting the muscles, and as a result the muscles contract and relax. Using contour abs is equivalent to performing five kinds of exercises all at once such as leg rising for lower abs, trunk twisting for love handles, elbow to knee bending for left and right obliques and regular crunches.


A technology that is being followed by athletes

The main technology of the Contour CoreBelt has been followed for years by athletes and the medical community. This is the sole reason for this product being so effective and result oriented. With the help of this revolutionary technology, one can get away with long hours of sweating out and straining. In addition, it provides workout for your entire abs within few minutes in a day. 


contour trialOver 900,000 Contour CoreBelt Sold Already!!

·          Say ‘No’ to crunches, sit ups, sweat, strain and stress.

·          Every session is equivalent to 150 contractions.

·          Tone, strengthen and tighten your abs simply within minutes a day.

·          Get a sexy and strong abs in weeks.

·          Amazing results without doing much as Contour CoreBelt does it for you.

·          Contour CoreBelt does the hard work and you enjoy the results.

How to Use the Contour CoreBelt to Sculpt Yours Abs?

The Contour CoreBelt being an electronic muscle stimulating workout system comprises of a belt containing electronic stimulators that are hidden behind the gel pads. These pads can be directly placed on the skin of your stomach, midriff and abdomen to work towards the muscles for toning and tightening. You can make use of this sculpting system to obtain best of results without undergoing tough body toning workouts. Follow the steps given below and you will see the desired results in no time.

Step 1:  Wash your abdomen and stomach area to ensure that the adhesion of gel pads does not get obstructed by anything. After washing those areas, let your skin become dry completely.

Step 2:  You need to peel off the protective plastic film pieces present in the gel pads of the Contour CoreBelt. The film pieces need to be saved so that, you can use it later in order to protect the gel pads after using the belt.

  Step 3:  The yellow stripe on the belt needs to be placed directly on the belly button and even the belt downwards against the body. The end of the strap needs to be slid through the loop towards the end side of the belt. Thereafter, the strap must be pressed properly to ensure that the belt is placed securely on your body.

trialStep 4:  Now, it’s time to press the power button and the display would prompt you instantly. You will find buttons with + and – signs towards the front of the control console. You can select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to use the previous or the next program.

Step 5:  The ‘Select’ button in red must be pushed in order to advance the program level and select the workout program you wish to choose. The level ‘Resistance’ should be used by beginners as recommended by Contour for sculpting the core.

Step 6:  Choose ‘Select’ button once again to select the program of your choice and increase or decrease the intensity level of the belt until you are accustomed to a certain level. You can adjust the intensity level by using the + or – button depending on your body requirements.

Step 7:  Once the program has been completed, turn off the power and release the strap from your back and try to pull off the belt gently by gripping close to the gel pads and pull it slowly.

Step 8:  Now, place the plastic film pieces on the gel pads in the position like before. You can follow these steps every time you use the Contour CoreBelt.

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Contour CoreBelt Features

Gain without pain  

contour absContour CoreBelt is painless and does not cause any kind of side effects with regular use. Using this effective abs belt is very simple. All you need to do is, put on the Contour CoreBelt and simply push the button. You will be on your way to tone abdominal muscles. Doing crunches for countless times can definitely cause strain on your back and neck. So, Contour CoreBelt makes it easy as you need not exert your body and mind doing hard workouts. You can use this belt without hampering your daily activities. If you have been dreaming about having those perfectly shaped abs then its time you go for Contour CoreBelt to turn your dream into reality.

Contour Stomach Workouts

Contour sculpting system targets the abs to tone it with the help of gel pads and the CoreBelt for stimulating the ab muscles resulting in perfectly toned abs. The technology of Contour CoreBelt works like a pacemaker in order to stimulate the abdominal muscles and make them contract and relax like you are performing crunches or related workouts. The Contour system shows results, which is quite identical to that of the regular workouts but there is no room for muscle fatigue in Contour system. This particular product has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Workout Strategies

The Contour CoreBelt is planned for use at least five times in a week, for duration of 30 to 45 minutes per session. The sessions consist of a five minute warm up and cool down sessions for 15 minutes. The belt works on your abdominal muscles, which includes the lower and upper abs. The gel pads are well placed on the belt and it needs to be placed around your waist towards the navel. The gel pads must touch your skin and most importantly, the lead wires need to be fixed between the belt and the pads. You can switch on the power button and select the program as per your choice. The belt starts functioning and you need not do anything thereafter, as everything would be done by Contour. Isn’t it easy? Well, it certainly is.  

The belt has the capacity to function on an intensity starting from 0 to 100 percent along with enhanced intensities in order to give more effects. But, if you are a beginner, you are strongly advised to go with lower intensity and you can increase the intensity level once you are habituated to the workouts performed by Contour CoreBelt.  

Diet and Other Related Tips

When you are following a healthy meal plan, you will expect to notice results within few weeks of using the Contour CoreBelt. This particular sculpting system has an exclusively designed diet program that goes along with the use of Contour CoreBelt, wherein the users consume six small meals per day. Workout also influences the rate in which results can be seen. If the intensity level is higher, the results are naturally faster.  

The Contour core sculpting system also consists of a Back Care kit that can be used along with the CoreBelt to provide workout for your lower back. The Back Care kit functions on the same theory as the CoreBelt with the help of electronic muscle stimulation. Although, it is fully safe to use and has no side effects, however it is better to consult a physician before starting this program for your satisfaction.  

Benefits of Contour CoreBelt

Great Functionality: The principle used in the Contour CoreBelt system is excellent and highly effective. The electrical impulses provided by the belt, when used around your waist help muscles in contraction. As a result, the abs are strengthened with the help of repeated movements, which is as good as flexing them continuously. If there is more repetition of exercise, the chances of muscles turning stronger becomes naturally faster.  

Positive Outcomes: The Contour CoreBelt strengthens the ab muscles in no time. This effective belt has been used medically in a health care institute for helping patients to recover from abdominal muscle injuries. The effects of this belt have been positive for all users. 

Reduces Waist Size: In addition to strengthening abdominal muscles, the Contour CoreBelt also reduces your waist size. Exercise being an important element for toning abs muscles, one needs to follow a proper diet as well in order to see quicker and effective results. You will have a perfect abs that is toned as well as reduced waist size.  

Positive Rating: This ab toning belt has been widely accepted and appreciated by users worldwide. The ratings of this product are excellent  

Stress and Strain Free: Nowadays, everybody is too busy with their hectic schedules that they have very limited time and energy to spare on doing hard core workouts causing strain and stress both physically and mentally. But, with the help of Contour CoreBelt, you need not to get down the floor and perform hard core exercises like sit-ups and crunches.  

Money Back Guarantee Scheme: If you are not satisfied with the Contour CoreBelt system completely, you can avail refund within 30 days. You need to get in touch with the customer care of Contour within 5 days of the trail period and the amount would be refunded to you.

money back

Contour Kit Consists of: 

·          The Contour CoreBelt 

·          4 AAA Batteries 

·          M2 Controller 

·          Contour Gel Pads (4 Electrodes) 

·          Exercise and Diet Guide 

·          Step by Step Instructional DVD 

·          Storage and Travel Clutch 

·          One year Warranty 

·          User Manual 


How much does Contour CoreBelt Cost?

The Contour CoreBelt is priced approximately at $199.80 and $14.95 towards the trial charges. It has been proven to be really safe and effective as it is cleared by FDA. Also, the results can be seen within few weeks without straining your body parts.

the contour belt


On the whole, the Contour CoreBelt has been specifically designed to tone your abdominal muscles. It saves you from doing those hard core workouts like sit-ups and crunches. The contraction mechanism works excellently well in toning and firming your abs. There is no sign of side effects as the product is FDA approved. Hence, the Contour CoreBelt is really worth the cost and shows effective results within a span of few weeks.