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Does p90x Work?

P90X, also called as Power 90 Extreme/Px90 , is an innovative home exercise system designed by Tony p90x  Horton. P90X is the best choice for you when you want to drop all the excess fat from your body and build well-sculpted lean muscles just in 90 days.


P90X stands as an unbeatable body building and weight reduction program available in the fitness industry that comes with a great combination of appropriate workout plan, well-balanced nutrition plan, dietary supplements and enough of workout videos.


P90X, home workout program, has been the top selling product for the last four years for a simple reason – it works. P90X  has conducted an intense research of 1 year for its development. This flexible, total-body transformation program is suitable for both men and women. It is a complete fitness and nutrition system, and it is designed on real training science.


About Tony Horton


p90xThough Tony Horton was originally an actor, he has been in the fitness industry for a long time as a personal trainer, and he knows everything when it comes to fitness. His fitness releases include Power 90, Power 90 Master Series, 10 Minute Trainer, P90X, P90X+, P90X2 and One on One with Tony Horton.


Tony Horton created and designed the P90X program and workouts. Throughout all the DVDs he makes the users laugh through his hilarious jokes. He has done a great job at keeping the users entertained. With this program, he has really strived to change lives of the users from movie stars to normal people.


His main motto of the P90X DVD is to “Bring It”, and the other motto that he has come up with these DVDs is “Do your best and forget the rest”. Tony wants the users to push their personal limits and stop comparing with other people. The main goal of this program is to combine cardio with strength training to help its users to get in shape at the comfort of their home. 


Muscle Confusion


The P90X workout program mainly focuses on the technique called “Muscle Confusion”. Through a range of various exercises that take time to master, this program is continuously challenging your body’s muscle into new development. The more you confuse the muscle, the harder your body has to work to keep up, the more variety you put into your workout, and the faster the results will be.  p90x


Usually, those who take part in muscle confusion theory will never repeat the same workout for second time. Changing up your exercise routine will make you experience the plateau effect if muscle gain stops as your muscles are used to particular workout program. P90X prevents this effect by changing your exercise routine to keep your body challenging for an entire 90 days workout schedule. Though this program makes you sweat a lot, it offers you with resistance training to let your muscles rebuild.


The P90X program includes different workout routines. Particularly, in additional to traditional exercise routines like pull-ups and push-ups, this system also focuses on overall body fitness through Plyometrics, Yoga, and Kenpo.


You can try different methods to use muscle confusion as a part of your P90X routine. Here are some ideas to  increase your muscle growth through Muscle Confusion: change the type of equipment, change the exercises, and change the amount of rest between exercises.


P90X Workout DVDs


The revolutionary P90X system comes with 12 life-changing workout DVDs. These workouts are highly p90xdifferent and are focused at working on each and every part of your body. 12 DVDs have 12 different groups of workouts that are instructed in detail in the DVDs. The workouts include:


1.      Back and Chest – Targets definition and strength workout routines that focus on two classic upper-body exercises. Your muscles will accustom slowly while you do reps. Every time you get into new level you will get harder. Probably you will do maximum amount of reps on Reverse Grip Chin Up move.


2.      Plyometrics – Quick jumping cardio exercise is proven to drastically increase athletic performance. It produces the power you require in order to make athletic moves. Initially you may beg for it to be over soon, but slowly you get used to it and enjoy. This one makes your heart rate up and makes your legs pumping. The best accomplishment to make you comfortable at this is having P90X workout shoes.


3.      Shoulder and Arms – It includes powerful combination of curling, pressing, and fly- movements to make you stronger. It has maximum set of repetition routine. It is essential for you to focus on form when you blast your arms here. You will get into tendency of using your body more. It is always advised to go less weight instead of forcing more reps in a bad form.


4.      Yoga X – It provides you to develop balance, strength, flexibility, and breathe work to improve your shape and calm your mind. Here, you need to focus more on your breathe. This part of the program grabs many users’ attention. But, some people may find it really tough. Though it takes some time for you to get used to, if you stick to it you will definitely feel it in your body.


5.      Legs and Back – Now you need to get ready to bend, attack, and pull for a complete-body routine. Along through blasting all parts of your legs, you will also get a nice workout on your back. You will have to go through tough moves here.


6.      Kenpo X – It includes powerful cardiovascular workouts along with kicking and punching for staying strong, improving patience, balance, and coordination. This part of the program is like a fun calorie burner while sweating crazily through every part of your body. You will observe a high heart rate and you will find lot of kicks and punches here. By the end of this portion, you will feel the exercise in the whole body.


7.      X Stretch – This part helps you possess a higher level of athleticism for a long-term, in addition it avoids injuries and prevents plateaus. When all other workouts do not allow flexibility, with X stretch you can do workouts flexibly during your recovery days and weeks.




8.      Core Synergistics – It helps you develop and support multiple muscle groups at the same time as conditioning your body. It talks about the core of your body. You will definitely enjoy this part of the program. It focuses on every muscle of your body. You will find new things here along with ab workouts and push-ups. Each workout relates to the next muscle workout hence you keep on working here. During this portion, you will shed lots of calories.


9.      Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – It focuses on both large and small upper-body muscles to drive you to the end. You will find it as a blasting routine. You need to come away from this workout each time with so much of strength. You need to work on these muscles one after the other. You should not look back once you start with it.


10.  Back and Biceps – This helps you in warming up the biceps and aims on toning and strengthening those showcase arm muscles. This routine is for all those who really love to define your back and biceps. As you crush back and biceps simultaneously exhaustion will set in, yet you need to push to the best of your capability.


11.  Cardio X – This is a low-impact, fun cardio routine that will make you feel lean. It combines Yoga, Kenpo and Plyo. This is surely a great cardio workout that you will love.


12.  Ab Ripper X – It helps in sculpting your dream six pack abs and also helpful for your physical and health performance. This may be the most used workout as you follow it on all the core muscle routines. This one is for those who are weak in their ab areas. This routine will have you scream till the last day of the program; however it helps you in achieving great abs.


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P90X Nutritional Plan 


There are various dietary systems available in the market these days that frequently claim that the lesser you consume calories the more you burn the fat. But, it is not true. Just starving yourself is not all enough to shed the extra pounds from your body. In fact, this may result in making your body flabby all over and can reduce your endurance levels by making you look fragile and weak person.


Where as, P90X believes that an appropriate workout routine along with the perfect nutrition plan would provide the best results for you to shed all the unwanted fat and build lean muscles. So, they have come up with 3 phase nutritional plan.


Phase 1 – P90X Fat Shredder 

This is the first phase of weight reduction, so the prescribed diet includes the foods that are low in fat and have carbohydrates, high fibre and protein content. All these together help you to shed the extra fat at a quicker pace and also help in muscle building. As there is high amount of fibre and protein, your metabolic rate is increased and you will feel full throughout the day.


Phase 2 – P90X Energy Booster 

As you reach the second phase, you will be performing better workout routines. Also you would already be burning high amount of fat day-by-day. At this stage your body will be in need of balanced amount of proteins and carbohydrates to give added energy to meet your improved endurance levels. So here the energy booster nutritional mostly includes balanced amounts of carbohydrates and proteins.


Phase 3 – P90X Endurance Maximizer 

The third and last phase includes athletic diet that is mainly focused on complex carbohydrates and lean proteins. This is to stabilize your endurance levels as you already have lost high amount of fat reserved in your body, so you must acquire some required calories in order to cope up with your power packed workout routine.






P90X Workout Sheets


An important factor to consider while following this workout routine is to be able to track the results. When you purchase P90X, you will get access to download and print workout sheets to know how the workout progression is going on. These workout sheets will help you know if you need to increase your weight or lower it.


Workout Guide


This guide, which you get along with P90X,  gives an overview on the workouts that you will be following on the DVDs. It is recommended to go through this guide before starting the program. This is a perfect complimentary for the workout DVDs.


90 Day Money Back Guarantee


The success rate of many P90X existing customers is proof that it works on you and gets you great results in 90 days. P90Xmakers are so sure that you will love this program, so they are offering you a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the program, you can simply call their customer care and claim your money back anytime during these 90 days. Still, you can keep 3-phase nutritional plan and Ab Ripper X routine as a gift from P90X.




If you buy similar power packed workout DVDs and Nutritional Plan together somewhere out in the market, it will definitely cost you thousands of dollars. But, P90X is available at a reasonable price of $120, which you can also pay through 3 easy monthly instalments of $39.99.



Though this program seems like a simple weight reduction system, it has so much of effect in shedding extra fat from your body and also in building lean muscles offering you a body that you will be proud of. The P90X Nutritional Plan is carefully prepared considering every aspect of the workout routine and your body requirements.


You will never regret for choosing this plan; however the P90Xmakers are offering a 90 day money back guarantee for those who are sceptical on this program.