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The first step in our journey to reduce belly fat is to reduce the number of calories we intake in a day. This will become very easy when we increase the amount of water we drink everyday. Proper functioning of our body needs  chemical processes that involve energy metabolism. Drinking plenty of water helps in boosting our energy level and metabolic rate. 




Water for Weight Loss 


Water is calorie free, and so if we drink a big glass of water before we eat, it makes us feel full so that we will eat less but still feel satisfied. Water is also very healthy in addition to being calorie free. It is essential for the proper functioning of our body and also helps our body to get rid of toxins.  


Drinking water is more significant when we are aiming at losing weight. It has been proved that the sensation of thirst and hunger are simulated together. Hence, even if there is even a small dehydration in our body, the thirst sensation may be mistaken for hunger and so we may eat heavily when the body is actually longing for fluid. Most of the food contains few percentage of water in it, so if we do not drink water properly then we may be tempted to eat more food in order to gain the necessary water. But this results in increased consumption of calories which results in increase in our belly fat. Thus drinking more water helps in preventing overeating and accumulation of belly fat. 




Water for the Metabolic Process 


Water is an essential component to burn fat in our body. Proper intake of water regulates normal functioning of the kidneys to produce urine, while the liver is primarily engaged in converting fat into energy. Low intake of water causes our kidneys to function inefficiently and use the resources of the liver. This in turn causes the liver to slow down its fuel conversion process and store the remaining fat in the body. When well hydrated, the body burns more fat and the increased oxygen level energizes us. It burns the calories at a much faster rate and so avoids the accumulation of fat in our belly. 


Importance of Drinking Water 


Drinking water during dieting has the following benefits: 


·          Drinking adequate amount of water avoids dehydration which in turn helps in initial weight loss. 

·          Dehydration delays the process of burning the fat and hence necessary supply of water is essential for effective functioning. 

·          It also plays a key role in cleaning up the toxins from our body produced during the burning of calories.  

·          Dehydration leads to decrease in the blood volume, which reduces the amount of oxygen supply to our muscle leading to tiredness. This makes us to think that we are weak and so we may increase the intake of food. 

·          A healthy diet includes an increased amount of fiber intake. But only fiber, without adequate water causes constipation instead of helping to eliminate it. 

·          Drinking water before meal makes us feel full sooner and hence makes us satisfied eating less. This avoids fat accumulation in our belly.


Tips to Lose Belly Fat

  • Drinking cold water helps in burning more amounts of calories. But don’t drink cold water immediately after eating fatty substances as it solidifies the fatty substances making it difficult to digest.   
  • Drinking water when hungry, or before a meal reduces food intake.   
  • Include water with food for higher volume intake.   
  • Consume water to avoid dehydration in our body.   
  • Simply drinking more water without any change in either diet or exercise will not cause weight loss.   

Make sure that you don’t drink more than 3000 ml of water each and every day. Ideal amount is 1500ml to 2500ml.       

5 Facts You MUST Understand if You Are Ever Going to Lose Your Belly Fat - Read this important article by Mike Geary - Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer   

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