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Humans are prone to laziness and tend to give up even simple exercises. As a result of this burning of fats does not occur and they are accrued together. There occurs obesity and belly formation. Abdomen is the most vulnerable part of the body where fat accumulates. Most people are aware that excess fat is unhealthy. People with more fat in the abdomen have a greater risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Fat must be distributed throughout the body. Fat is of two kinds. Visceral fat is stored deep inside the body and subcutaneous fat is stored just under the skin. Large waist is related to decreased lung function. Henceforth every individual is supposed to reduce the waist size and have a flat structure. Dumb bell side bends help in reducing the waist size. 



Side Bends 

Side bends prove fruitful for those who have got a big layer of fat and trying to knock off them on the sides. Side bends tone up the side muscles and enhance a flat look. Side bends are popular home exercises which involve stretching of all the abdominal muscles as well as the back muscles. They are done either with closed fists or open. Repeated contraction and expansion of the side hip muscles on performing side bends will result in the burning of the accumulated fat in the vulnerable hip. 

Working Out Dumb Bell Side Bends 

Dumb bell side bends works with the oblique muscles of the mid section. The initial position is to stand vertically with our feet at shoulder width. The dumb bell may be placed in any one of the hand. If one is about to work out the right obliques then he can hold the dumb bell in left and vice versa. The knees should be straight and should not be bent. The empty hand may either be rested on the hip or hung down free. Some people place the relaxing hand behind the head. And look forward while performing side bends and in any case one should not lift their feet. Now with the dumb bell in right hand bend sideways to the right holding the pelvis very firm. On reaching the point where one cannot bend further, inhale, hold the breath and then come back to the initial vertical position slowly and then exhale. This stretches the left oblique muscles. Repeat the same steps continuously without any gap and make count of the number of times the work out is performed. Now do the same steps for the same count on the left side of the body. Remember the knees and feet don’t move at all. Bend at the waist and not at the knee or feet. This side bend can also be done with a bell bar. 


Burning of the visceral fats in the hip is the main effect of dumb bell side bends. Without any pain there is no use of doing any exercise. Side bends do cause a burning pain in the hip. This pain is an acknowledgment to the work out. More the work out more is the pain. More the pain more the trunk becomes flat. The cure is in the abdominal cavity and hence helpful in metabolic activities. This even helps in avoiding a humpback by giving a flat structure. Ultimatum is that there is an increased blood flow to the working muscles of the back. 




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