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Fitbit Reviews


FitBitFitness is surprisingly essential for everyone. However, most people do not realize the repercussions of bad health and end up neglecting it. Ignorance of health is the main root cause for most of the health related problems today. Thus, it is highly recommended that one takes care of ones health and fitness in order to be active and healthy. The common complaints received by people nowadays are about the time constraints. Hectic work schedules are stopping people from taking care of their health. Sparing time for daily workouts and maintaining a healthy diet is almost close to impossible to practice. What if there was a product that could make things easy by tracking down all the physical activities performed by you? Well, there is one such product that could relieve you from all concerns related to fitness. It is a fitness tracker popularly known as Fitbit.

Fitbit is the most appropriate health device that addresses all the problems with regards to your health and fitness. In addition, the tracker helps you to be cautious about the foods you consume, the physical activities you perform and so on. The Fitbit reviews state that it is one of the best health tracking devices that one can get. It greatly helps in keeping a tab on your health related activities.

About the Company 

Fitbit was launched in the year 2009 and it was named as “best of innovations” in the category of Health and Wellness in Consumer Electronic Show. Fitbit is committed towards meeting the objective by helping people to lead more active and healthier lives. The management of Fitbit uses a sensible approach to health and strongly believes that the agenda is to make it simpler for consumers to eat right, be highly active and sleep enough. In simple words, these little changes in your day to day routine can help in achieving biggest of results. The company aims at creating inspiring and innovative products and services online that bind the power of advanced technologies to ensure that people are well aware of the daily activities and motivate them to get going.

About Fitbit

Fitbit is a tiny health gadget that constantly tracks down information like if you are doing adequate workouts, eating right kind of food and sleeping enough. This exclusive fitness tracker motivates users to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. The wireless Fitbit tracker functions through a motion sensor known as accelerometer, which keeps a tab on all your movements. Whenever a user walks near the wireless base station, the details get stored and uploaded on the website of Fitbit. Fitbit is a small device that can be carried along anywhere and everywhere. It is an ideal device to track the activities that are associated with your health.

Fitbit Functioning FitBit

The Fitbit tracker works with the help of a sensor with barometric pressure through which the volume of air gets measured in order to determine your progress. It is very accurate and the technology used in this device is quite similar to that used in costly hiking watches. The 3D motion sensor is like the Nintendo Wii’s motion sensor. The tracker senses the motion of your body in three dimensions to provide useful information of your daily activities. With the help of this technology, the Fitbit tracks information about the calories burned, distance traveled, number of stairs climbed, duration of sleep and much more. The Fitbit tracker should be fixed to your body for it to function. You can conveniently wear the tracker onto your clothes by clipping it or you can keep it in your pocket. It is extremely light weight that it can be placed anywhere in the body.

Fitbit Package

When you purchase Fitbit, you get all the following in the package:

• Fitbit Tracker
• The base station
• Belt Holster
• Wrist Band to track your sleeping patterns
• Free account on Fitbit Website






Fitbit Features

  •  Activity Monitoring: Fitbit transforms each step you take to offer you a better health regardless of how busy you are. The ultra sensitive 3D motion sensor monitors every detail that even a pedometer cannot track showing the calories you have burned, the distance traveled and the precise steps taken while walking. The altimeter of Fitbit tracks down the floors climbed and thereby motivates you to use stairs at work and home to climb.
  • FitBit

  • Sleep Monitoring: Nowadays most of the people are aware of the significance of good sleep and its contribution towards weight loss and good health. But, you may be wondering how does one track sleep? Well, the answer is quite simple. The Fitbit tracker can be slipped into the wristband before going to bed and it will help you keep a watchful eye when you slumber. After following this process, the information gets uploaded onto the Fitbit account and you can not only see the duration of sleep but also how well you have slept.
  • Progress Display: You can check the statistics of real time at any point in time by quickly glancing at your Fitbit tracker. With the help of a single button, you can switch between the details on floors climbed, calories burned, steps taken and distance travelled and so on. You will get a bit of motivation to add in extra steps with those glances. 
  • Tiny and comfortable: The Fitbit tracker is small and light weighted, which can be easily worn all day without letting the whole world know that you are on a diet. The other diet devices are quite bulky and look awkwardly evident that you are on a diet but Fitbit is completely discreet and performs the fitness job well. The Fitbit device is so tiny that it can be easily fitted into your pocket or clipped to clothes. 
  • Graphs and Stats: The activities and sleep stats can be checked with the help of Fitbit online account. The web account creates a visual progress map giving you clarity on your daily activities and performances. You can make use of your custom dashboard in order to analyze the daily activities and plan your progress with the help of a chart. The progress scores can be kept to yourself to compare the range of fitness and age with other people.
  • Uploading details wirelessly: Your day to day physical activities along with the stats get uploaded automatically to Fitbit’s official website. When the Fitbit tracker is within the range of 15 feet from the base station and plugged into your PC or Mac, the data gets uploaded instantly. There are no additional buttons required for entering data as everything is being taken care with the help of this exclusive device.
  • Social Networking: Nothing can be more motivating than a healthy competition and a helpful community. On Fitbit website, you can share information with family and friends, and also private groups can be created for family and friends in order to set competitive fitness goals. In addition, you can become a part of public forums and groups to seek advice and have a discussion with millions of people on common fitness goals. 
  • Simple Logging Procedure: You can pack more and more details into your personal data of fitness by logging individual workouts and foods through your computer or smart phone. You can check out distinct foods in the database of Fitbit that includes food items over 100,000. Thereafter, you can enter the specifications related to workouts that include kickboxing, spinning, boot camp, elliptical workouts, Pilates and yoga. The other indicators related to your weight and health like heart rate, glucose, blood pressure etc can be monitored too.
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Fitbit Money Back Guarantee & Warranty

If you are not happy with Fitbit tracker, which of course happens in very rare cases, you can return the device within 30 days of purchase and get the entire money back. In addition to this, Fitbit also offers a one year warranty

Fitbit Cost

Fitbit is reasonably priced when you compare it with other health tracking devices available in the market. Most of the other devices are expensive and come with limited features unlike Fitbit. The exclusive features of Fitbit make it worth buying. Fitbit is priced at $99 that includes shipping charges as well.


Thus, Fitbit is not simply a pedometer as it tracks not only your steps but also the distance traveled, calories burned, calories consumed and sleeping pattern. This exclusive gadget is a must have for everyone as health plays a very significant role in our lives. It guides you to lead a healthier lifestyle and helps you to be more active. It is an excellent device for people who are consciously putting in efforts to lose weight.

This tracker is small in size and it is an added advantage that it can be carried in most places; it can be easily fit into your pocket or clipped on your clothes without any issues. The Fitbit tracker has become highly popular and is in demand everywhere. The customer reviews have always been positive and delightful. It is very effective as the calculations are extremely accurate and helps you to progress in order to reach your fitness goals. All in all, it is very useful for tracking down your fitness activities.