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              The Flex Belt - Worth Buying?


The most famous ab belt in the market today is the Flex belt. All the currently existing ab belts in market use the Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology as their basic working principle. But the Flex belt is the leader in the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. The Flex belt is the first device of such kind to be cleared by the FDA which suitable for consumer purchase, indicating the safety of its use. The Flex belt is an excellent option to firm and tone your abs.     



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Electronic Muscle Simulation

The EMS technology which has been in existence for over thirty years in the field of medical science has been now made available in the fitness field through the Flex belt. Scientifically speaking, the technology will produce great results in toning, tightening, firming and strengthening of ab muscles. Not all the ab belts in the market are producing excellent results. But with the Flex Belt, you can achieve guaranteed results. 

Its trendy form and convenient size facilitates its use at any place and at any time. Therefore it suits the hectic lifestyle of today’s modern world. A separate time or place need not be allocated for using the Flex Belt. Without taking much effort on your part, you can achieve excellent toning, firming and strengthening of your abs.

Ease of Use

The Flex Belt offers extreme ease in using it. All you have to do is to wear it around your waist while the impulses from it will do the ab toning work for you. No tedious exercise routines, no repeated visits to gym or no strict dieting. You can get your desired flat abs wherever you are or whatever you do just wearing the belt around your waist.

Performance & Effectiveness- See the results produced by The Flex Belt

The Flex belt offers different levels of intensity of its working which widely ranges from 1 to 100. You can move ahead when you get used to a certain level. The device works excellently even for people who have never done workouts. You just need to use the Flex Belt for 20 minutes to 30 minutes every day to get visible results in your ab muscles. The impulses that are generated from the Flex Belt are delivered to your ab muscles through the gel pads. The impulses reach various muscles of your abdomen; including the most unreachable regions of your abs. These impulses give a good workout to these muscles by contracting and releasing them consecutively.

Thus even if you are taking rest, your abs will get a great workout. Although the Flex belt works wonders on your ab muscles without requiring any effort from your part, it would generate extraordinary results if you take little care about your diet as well. Taking a healthy diet and using the Flex belt will reward you with outstanding results.

As mentioned earlier, the Flex Belt offers various intensities of workout. You have to adjust the degree of functioning in accordance to your needs. You may start with a milder degree which you can intensify further with each passing session with the Flex belt. As you intensify it more, your ab muscles will get more vibrations that work your ab muscles more.

Thousands of testimonials from the users of flex belt are a proof of the effectiveness of weight reduction while using the product.  

Although Soraya purchased Flex Belt just to see if it is as effective as it claims to be, she ended up becoming more and more impressed with her strengthening of ab muscles that surfaced after using the Belt. 

Flex Belt is not used by people who do casual exercise alone but also by many fitness experts and trainers who train people for world games like the Olympics. 

This fact is evident from people like Jerry Rice from the San Francisco 49ers and a fitness enthusiast, who endorses Flex Belt and wows by its efficiency in toning abdominal muscles. Although Rice had been including crunches in his daily routine of work out, he claims that Flex Belt has a better effect than all those tiring crunches on the abdomen. 

John Porcari, PHD and professor of Exercise and Sports in the University of Wisconsin is a person who has extensive knowledge about the fitness products. He says that among the many abdominal products that had been evaluated by him, Flex Belt is the one which has produced great results. 

“The Flex Belt works all three muscle groups of the stomach simultaneously because the pads are located in the middle as well as the sides. Based on the studies we’ve done, there is no question that it is going to increase strength, firmness & tone people’s abdominal muscles”, says Porcari. 

It is one thing to believe what people say but another to use and test the product. The manufacturers of Flex Belt have taken this point into consideration and have hence offered a full money back guarantee for 60 days.

The Flex Belt is the best ab belt that you would never repent buying. 


Clinical Study

The Flex belt has produced excellent results in a six week clinical study. 93% of the users of the research exhibited well toned and firmer ab muscles at the end of six weeks. All the people who participated (that is the subjects on whom the research was done) showed significant results in the appearance of their abs after the test. The FDA cleared ab toning belt has given a proven 93% positive results on its users is the unbeatable Flex Belt.

Flex Belt is recommended by the following experts in the fitness industry.



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Package Contents and Price


Flex Belt comes with four gel pads, an extension for oversized waist (above 44 inches), a rechargeable power supplying battery, a carrying case and a user’s manual.

The Flex Belt costs only $199.99. A whole year’s subscription to the health and fitness magazine comes free of cost along with it. Flex belt is the only true product out there which advertises its exact cost. There are no hidden costs. There are some ab belts in the market which show a very low price in its advertisements in order to lure people in to buying them. Once they order the product they are billed a very huge price than what they were made to believe through their deceptive ads. While so much fraudulence exists in the marketing of other ab toning belts, Flex belt stands out of all of them exposing the true price of the product.

                                                     money back


The Flex belt also gives a big 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results that it produces within this period. The duration offered is quiet ample. This reveals the confidence the Flex belt manufacturers have on the performance of their product. The quality of the Flex belt is also very good. That is why you get a massive 2 years warranty along with the product.


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The advantages of the Flex belt can thus be summed up. The Flex belt is the first ab toning electronic belt to be cleared by the FDA. The Flex belt can be used irrespective of the surroundings and timings. It is trendy and fits into today’s fashion well. It can give your abs a workout even when you are taking rest. The effort you have to put into it is absolutely nothing. However, if you can spare some time to take little care on your diet, you can experience excellent results. The product has been released only after a good clinical research. There has been a big 93% success from the subjects of the third party clinical research who used the Flex belt during this time duration. The Flex belt abs toning belt costs you just $199.99, and there are no hidden costs along with it. The Flex belt comes with one year’s free subscription to the health and fitness magazine. You are also given a rechargeable battery along with the Flex Belt, so you need not spend money further in buying new batteries to replace the exhausted ones.

The product is renowned for its performance in terms of generation of firmer, well toned, trimmer, stronger and shaped up abs. But if at all for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the Flex belt abs toning belt after using it for a full 60 days, you can get your money back. The equipment is highly cost efficient. The $199.99 price is reasonable, because you get to own an advanced piece of fitness equipment for your lifetime that really works. There are wonderful testimonies of success from those who have used and achieved good results from it. The level of customer satisfaction shows that the product has lived up to the hype.


Flex Belt - Official Website

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