Lose Belly fat
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Physical exercises play a vital role in staying fit. Exercises invigorate the muscles, burn the excess fat and makes the body flexible. It is important for people whose profession compels them to lead a sedentary way of life to squeeze an hour of workout into their busy schedules. It is not necessary to join a gym or buy expensive exercise equipment to sweat out. There are many simple exercises that can be executed at home without the need for any sophisticated accessories. One should exercise with caution while practicing them as incorrect execution may lead to problems or lower benefits than expected. People with joint pain or related complains must consult their physician before attempting any exercise.



Majority of the people suffer from the problem of excess belly fat. Belly fat refers to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. Belly fats can lead to a variety of health related issues including heart diseases and diabetes and hence regular workout is mandatory in order to prevent them. Front Squat Exercise to reduce belly fat is detailed in this article.


Exercise Procedure 


Front squat is an excellent exercise to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and to reduce belly fat. It is relatively simple to execute as it places less load on the spinal column thereby reducing the chances of hurting the backbone. A dowel rod is required for carrying out this exercise.




One should stand straight on a flat surface with the feet spread apart slightly more that shoulder width. Toes can be turned out at an angle of 30 degrees or less, depending on ones comfort level. The dowel is to be carried using both the hands with the palm facing upwards and elbows bent, supported on the shoulder.




Gradually, one should draw ones belly button toward the spine and descend to bottom position as far as possible without raising the heels such that the knees are bent approximately 90 degrees. The dowel rod should be supported on the shoulder while performing this movement. Then one should come back to the starting position. The above procedure must be repeated for desired number of times.


In order to increase the intensity of this exercise, weight is increased by using a barbell or dumbbell in lieu of dowel bar.




While working out this exercise, majority of the weight of the dowel bar must be carried on the shoulder. When carrying out the movements with heavy weights, one should take the help of an experienced trainer. The normal curvature of the spine should be maintained and the knees should not come forward past the toes. It should be done is stages, say 2-3 sets of 12 repetitions. People with low back pain or those with knee injuries should be careful while executing this exercise.