Lose Belly fat
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The fruit diet comprises of plant products like fruits, nuts and seeds. The provision of diet from fruits may not seem diverse but it is not true and can give a well balanced diet by itself without the need for any supplements. Fruits contain all important components of a proper diet as it contains large amount of plant phyto chemicals, nutrients and minerals. The biggest advantages in going for fruit diet are weight control, reducing cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and typical cancers. Moreover, it keeps the energy at a high level which primarily helps building stronger immune system against foreign bodies. 


Losing Belly Fat 

Fruits are of lower calories and contain proteins, vitamins and minerals. They also contain healthy fats which are very much useful for our body when we need energy. The enzymes present in the fruits will increase the body metabolism along with the body hormones which will result in faster breakdown of food molecules. The greater the breakdown, lesser is the accumulation in the body cavities causing diminished risk of storage. 


It is quite natural that residual amounts of undigested food remain in our intestine. In the longer run, these junk will turn toxic and harm all the regular processes of the body like distorting the enzyme functions and changing the concentrations of chemicals. The fiber present in the fruit will do a cleansing action in the colon (last portion of the digestive system) and remove these toxins. Thus the unwanted residues are wiped away in the feces. The intestinal tracts are kept clean in this way by the intake of fruit diet. 


Select a period of two weeks duration and buy an assortment of fruits that will last for that time period if taken continuously. You should have a very clear mindset to consume only fruits for that selected period. 

In the morning, when you get the hunger stimulation, you need to select a fruit and take slices of it until you feel full. This is very much possible in reality to feel full by consuming fruits alone. 

A period of two hours should be spared to allow complete digestion of the fruit intake.  After this time gap, other fruits can be taken in. In this way, the body is continuously kept active with its body metabolism. Nuts should not be taken in large amounts to maximize the effects of fruits. 

Water should be taken for regulatory effects. With this process, one can easily experience reduction in belly fats accompanied by detoxification inside the body keeping oneself fit.  

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