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Green tea has its origin in China where camellia sinensis leaves are purely used for manufacturing the tea. The specialty of those leaves is that they are partially oxidized. However, many forms of green tea have emerged in the modern day agriculture in various parts of the world with diverse techniques of processing. Green tea by nature abundantly helps in reducing weight in human body by a phenomenon called thermogenesis. A daily routine intake of 3 to 4 cups of green tea will burn around 80 calories everyday (that’s great!). A detailed look on the properties of green tea and its effects are discussed in this article. 


Weight loss Mechanism 

Green tea leaves are herbals that can produce heat when metabolized. This will increase the energy level and also the body temperature. The slightly elevated temperature will optimize the conditions needed for body metabolism to reach vintage.  The breakdown of food particles and assimilation occur at a faster rate and helps in reduced storage of stray and partially digested foods. The surplus flow of fats and sugars in the cells result in increasing body weight. The green tea also prevents this by regulating amount of glucose released in the blood. The slowing down of action of amylase does this trick. 

Attributes alongside weight loss 

Green tea can aid the immune system to prevent disorders like arthritis, allergies and asthma. As green tea is a power house of energy, it also eliminates fatigue related diseases. Cancer disease has a unique property of getting spread inside the body by stimulating ordinary cells to exercise rapid cell division. The green tea has the property of controlling these cancerous cells. The cholesterol levels are also maintained in our body by the green tea. The resistance against ultraviolet radiation is also increased in the skin regions by regular consumption of green tea. 

Daily Consumption 

Two to four cups of green tea a day will serve our body giving all the nutritional and medicinal benefits. To exploit the rich benefits of weight loss, one can resort to taking up 6 to 8 cups (generally 8 ounces) of green tea in one day. There are no researches to suggest the saturation level of consuming green tea and hence can be taken in big amounts without second thoughts. If in case, one feels that the taste does not set or feel the consumption is excess, one can take the green tea in form of high quality supplements. This is just a practical solution and does not deviate from the benefits obtained from consumption of green tea in regular form. 

Green tea has substantially higher qualities to promote all these mechanisms than the framed medical pills and other therapeutic formulae. Obviously, as the green tea mechanism synchronizes with body metabolisms, there are hardly any side effects. 


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