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The Hanging knee raise is an exercise aimed at strengthening the lower abdomen muscles. This exercise is similar to the Hanging leg raise. A horizontally placed bar is used. The person hangs from the bar with the arms parallel to the body length. The legs are to be held straight. If the person is tall, the hands can be separated a little bit more. Keeping the torso still, slowly pull your knees up keeping your legs together. Pause for a second, and slowly lower your knees back to the starting position. Double bars with elbow rest are also used to perform this exercise. The elbow is rested on the bars and then the knee is raised as mentioned in horizontal bar arrangement. The arm is not stressed much rather the abdomen alone is squeezed. 




The body should hang from the bar freely, without resisting the force of gravity. The knees should be pulled up slowly, without separating the legs. For greater effectiveness, raise your knees above the thighs-level position with a momentary hold at the top. Exhale before lowering your legs to the initial position under control. Pause momentarily and then repeat. The key to this exercise is doing it slowly. Increasing the pace reduces the stress on the abs and makes the exercise ineffective. A normal workout should consist of 2 or 3 sets with 6 to 12 repetitions each. Adequate intervals between sets are essential. 

Points to be Remembered 

1.      Control of pace is the key to this exercise. To reap the maximum benefits out of this

         exercise,  slow it down as much as you can. 


2.      The torso should be kept absolutely still. The upper body muscles should not play any role in

         the exercise. 


3.      The body should hang freely without any resistance against the gravitational force. 


4.      The body should not swing from side to side while raising the knees. 


This exercise is an excellent way of reducing the belly fat by strengthening the lower abdominal muscle groups. The abdominal strengthening plays a role in spinal stability and the performance of various sports. The straight-leg variant of this exercise involves both the lower and upper portions of the abdominals, which ensures maximum muscle stress to produce the greatest tension and, as a result, the greatest amount of strength and definition. The free hanging pose of the body strengthens the spinal cord, which ultimately leads to greater back bone strength and increased stability. 

This exercise is difficult to execute but the advantage is that no complicated equipments are required. A horizontal bar is very commonly available. The numerous variants of this exercise can be tried out to achieve maximum muscle contraction and faster belly fat reduction.  



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