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Hanging Leg Raise is an exercise which trains the whole abdominal muscle group. The only thing needed is a pull-up bar. The person hangs from the bar with the arms exactly parallel to the body length, with the fists curved away from the body. The distance between the arms may be varied to compensate for the person’s height variations. The legs should be straight and joined together with the feet parallel to the ground. After hanging in the horizontal bar, the legs are raised slowly, still keeping them straight, with no effort being added by the arms. Only the lats, abs and muscles surrounding the elbows should be stressed. The legs should be raised till it becomes perpendicular to the body. Bring the legs to the initial position slowly and repeat for desired repetitions. Double bars are also used. With elbows rested on the double bar, legs are raised slowly and on reaching the maximum position, which is almost a perpendicular position to the body, a gentle pause is done. Thereafter legs are brought down as slow as possible exhaling air from the lungs. 



The body should hang freely, till it loses all its momentum and is perfectly still. The legs should be kept straight while lifting up. No momentum is to be provided by the upper body. Keeping the torso still, slowly bring the legs back to their initial position. The duration should be slow: 2-5 seconds up and 2-5 seconds down. Do 2-3 sets with 5 to 8 repetitions each with proper intervals. 

Points to be remembered 

1.        Keep the body absolutely still. 

2.        Hang freely till the body loses all its momentum. 

3.        The arm muscles should not be stressed while lifting and lowering the legs. 

4.        Reduce the speed as much as possible to achieve better results. 

5.        Raise your legs as high as possible but make sure that it does not go beyond 120   degrees.  Recommended angle is 90 degrees to your body.  

6.        While bringing the legs down, the initial position should not be reached whereas the crunch up should be started well before the starting position to ensure maximum squeeze to the lower belly parts. 



This exercise provides a complete abdominal workout. Both the upper and lower abdominal muscles are stressed equally to generate maximum strain and hence maximum reduction of belly fat is achieved. The free hanging of the body improves stability and posture while improving spinal strength. The higher and slower the legs are raised, the more the abdominal muscles are contracted. This generates more tension in the abs and reduces the belly fat. The variations of this exercise are tough when compared to conventional crunches. But with constant execution, this exercise trains the core abdominal muscles to a greater extent than the other methods. The only equipment needed is a horizontal bar and no other special equipments are necessary.



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