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Eating healthy food has become a difficult task, especially for persons who are running constantly after their jobs. But still everyone is finding it absolutely essential to tackle their busy schedules and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The busier we are, the more difficult is to take care of our diet, but it is not an impossible feast. It only requires extra planning about our daily diet and exercises. Healthy diet can be achieved by consuming low carbohydrate food along with the required amount of proteins. 


Healthy Diet         


Food comprises of vital nutrients that assist for many metabolic activities in our body. Hence lack of these nutrients in our day to day diet or consumption of unhealthier foods affects these activities leading to the accumulation of various toxins in our body which in turn results in dreadful diseases in the long haul. 

No single food provides all the essential nutrients; hence it is significant to have mixture of healthy foods to nourish our body with all the nutrients it is longing for. This highlights the importance of healthy diet charts which requires more planning and responsibility. Before starting with a healthy diet, we should have a clear idea about the nutritional values of the food that we intake. For any successful activity, the art of planning is very important. So, planning our schedule for the day will help us a lot in sticking on to the healthy diets. We can either go for a daily planner or monthly planner to plan our activities. It is also vital to plan our exercises and the proper period for eating. 


Healthy Diet Schedule 


Consumption of healthy food at the specific time is also intrinsic as improper food schedule will only affect our body. The approximate timing during which we can take our food is 

  • Breakfast between        8      and       9   am 
  • Lunch  between        12.30   and    1.30  pm 
  • Snack between           3.30    and   4.30  pm 
  • Dinner between            7       and      8    pm 

It is better to avoid dinner after 8 pm. Soft drinks and juices can also be avoided after this time. 


Tips for a Healthy Diet 


One should first enjoy the food that he has. So when we choose our diet, we should be careful that we also like the food that we eat. Once we love the food we consume then eating becomes a matter of joy. The success of our healthy diet lies in the fact when we start imagining of being successful in our diet. 


When the food is organic in nature, there is a better tendency for the nutrients to get absorbed in our  body, as they are rich in natural antioxidants and other essential elements compared to their conventional counterparts.  Organic fruits and vegetables are of high nutritive values.


The dairy foods have a considerable amount of calcium in them. Though they form a major source of fat content, dairy products are very essential for the building of bones in our body. But the amount of intake should be within the limits to avoid fat accumulation.


Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Nuts, beans, legumes and peas are rich in proteins. At the same time we should be careful that we do not take too much of proteins as they are harmful for the kidneys.


We usually get addicted to processed items like soft drinks and chips that are readily available for us, but these foods contain synthetic sweeteners and other inorganic items that are not good for our body. We need to avoid those kinds of soft drinks and unprocessed foods.


Finally laughter is the best medicine forever so when we enjoy the food with our family, it is simply great. 



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