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Inclined benches with foot pads are needed to perform this belly fat reduction exercise. If there are no foot pads, someone can hold the feet of the person in the inclined bench. Now, sit on the inclined bench and place the feet tight onto the foot pads. Place the fingers around the ears. Do not try to hold each other. The fingers should just rest on the sides of the ears. Now keep the upper body close to the vertical position and the back curved. The back remains curved during the entire exercise.  


Now lower the upper body keeping the belly tight and with the back curved. Stop short before the back touches the inclined bench. When the back touches the bench, the back has become straight and stress to the belly region becomes very less. So it is not advisable to perform this exercise with the back at the ground level. Keep in mind the upper back and shoulders should not touch the inclined bench. This movement has to be done as slow as possible. While moving down, inhale at the same time. After reaching the maximum crunch-down level, move up and exhale. Move up until the elbows reach the either side of the thighs. Do remember that the upper part should reach the vertical position before going down again. Stress should be on the belly and exhale all air in the lungs. The downward movement should be slower than that of the upward movement.  

Points to be kept in mind

1.      Do not let the shoulders and upper back touch the inclined bench.  

2.      Back should always be curved while performing this belly fat reduction exercise. 

3.      Squeeze the belly at the maximum level. 

4.      3 sets are recommended each with set having 12 to 15 repetitions. 

5.      Do not lock the fingers together. 

6.      While crunching up, bring the elbows to the either side of the thighs. 

7.      Downward movement should be slower than the upward movement. 


Although we are aware of many exercises to reduce the burning issue of belly fat, many of these exercises are insufficient and ineffective. Some exercises may lead to lower back pain and do little to reduce the belly fat. But the inclined sit ups have a greater effect on the belly fat, burning it down and distributing the same throughout the abdomen. Inclined sit ups works out the fifth, sixth and seventh part of the ribs and provide a greater reliability in reducing the belly fat. The rectus abdominals are also actively involved in stabilizing the trunk when the back is in an inclined position. There is an increased heating effect in the belly which causes the molecules to split and fat to be spread throughout the abdomen region thus reducing the bloated bellies. There is definitely an improved blood flow in the belly region and hence improved metabolic activities. 



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