Lose Belly fat
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Belly fat accumulation begins with the lower abdomen. More fat adds more weight to the lower abdomen and as a result bloated bellies come into effect. Proper workouts for the lower torso will surely burn up the fats and project a very good outfit. One such lower abdomen exercise to burn out the belly fats is knees in and out exercise. This exercise mainly concentrates on the lower abdomen parts and help in the reduction of belly fat.



Begin by lying flat on the floor. Take a deep breath. Raise the legs, and bring it towards the chin, bending them at the knees. Raise the upper torso in such a way the chin is nearer to the knees. Hands are either set free or held at the back of head giving a support. This is the initial position. Now stretch the arms and legs together in opposite directions. Inhale while doing so. Execute this at a much slower pace to gain maximum benefits. Now again crunch back to the initial position once the greatest possibility of stretching is achieved. Exhale while doing so. Do not try to concentrate on the upper torso. Keep the head and chin still and stretch the lower part of the belly. Repeat these steps for about 8 to 12 times in a single set. 3 sets are done with proper time gap to gain maximum benefits. 


Throughout the exercise keep the upper torso in the initial position and never try to alter it. In the course of execution this remains a huge task as the upper torso tends to move down flat on the floor. This has to be avoided. The arms and legs should be stretched in such a way that the foot remains pointed towards the wall. While stretching, the legs searches for a support and so bringing the legs flat on the floor should be avoided. The stretching and crunching movements should be executed as slow as possible. Never try to lie flat on the floor. Arching of back should also be avoided. 

While stretching the legs for this particular exercise, they should be straight enough in the maximum stretch position. Apart from this the arms should also be straight.

Knees in and out exercise is comparatively a strong exercise and thus has high intensity. Morning hours are the best time to carry such an exercise without much interruption. More the pain more the benefits can be reaped out. Regular practice can make it a much easier work out for the lower belly parts in burning the fats. The outcome is a reduced belly fat and a much improved physically fit outlook.