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Keeping one’s body fit and healthy is essential for a happy life. Two things are of paramount importance in maintaining good health. First is proper diet. The diet must contain all the required nutrients in the correct proportion and must provide the energy to carry out one’s daily routine. The second is regular exercise. Exercise keeps the body fit and strengthens the muscular system. Improvement in technology has changed our lifestyle drastically that our dependence on automations for performing our chores has increased tremendously. This has made our lifestyle more of sedentary nature. One direct consequence of less manual labour is accumulation of excess fat beneath our skin and in the abdominal region. This is commonly known as belly fat. Belly fat reduction has become an obsession in people of all ages. The excess fat in the belly region tend to disfigure ones body and can lead to a variety of diseases, including obesity. This article concentrates on an exercise that helps to reduce the belly fat.





This is an effective exercise for muscle control and stabilization. Regular execution helps in reducing the excess belly fat. There are two levels in this exercise. The beginner level is relative simple while the advanced level requires more muscle control and hence more difficult. One should start with the first level and then slowly proceed to the more difficult stage.




One should lie flat on the back on a smooth, level surface. The hands should be placed at the sides of the body with the palm facing the ground. Both the legs should be kept straight with the toes pointing at the ceiling.


Beginner’s Level


One should bend both the knees so that they are pointing at the ceiling. Then the legs are extended so that the heels are directed towards the ceiling. Now the lower abdominal muscles and the oblique muscles are gently contracted to raise the tailbone off the floor. The tailbone is raised to the maximum possible level and then the legs are lowered to the initial position or the legs can be lowered half way. The above procedure is repeated for desired number of times.


Advanced Level


In order to increase the difficulty of this exercise, one should bend one leg and perform the same procedure with the other leg straight as explained above. This is relatively more difficult to perform as it requires more muscle control. One should not start with this level. The beginner level should be perfected before attempting the difficult method.




This exercise must be done slowly without jerky movements. Care should be taken so that momentum is not recruited into the movement. People with spinal injuries must not work out this exercise as it incurs more stress on the backbone. 



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