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Stability ball exercises provide an unstable platform to contract the belly muscles and thus maintaining body balance. Log roll using a stability ball is a belly fat reduction exercise in which the belly region and lower torso fats of the body are pretty much alleviated.  



Log roll is generally performed in an open space. The initial position is that of a push up pose except the feet is not on the floor but on the stability ball. Begin by lying on the stability ball facing the ground and gallop forward to lock the ball with the knees. Until this position is reached, workout should not be started. On reaching this position twist the lower torso of the body alone to the left without much shift in the upper body. Twist as much as 90 degrees to the left. On reaching the maximum return back to the initial position as slow as possible. Now twist towards the opposite direction and repeat the same procedure for 10 to 15 times in a single set. 3 sets are usually done to extract the maximum benefit.  


The above said procedure is done by having the ball at the knees. In this the thighs are also stressed and so as the fats in the lower torso. Log rolls are also performed with the stability ball at the thighs to have much effect only on the belly region of the body. The ball can easily be locked at the knees with the feet whereas it cannot be easily locked with the thighs. For much more intensified effect face forward instead of facing the floor. 

The stability ball log roll exercise not only reduces the belly fat but also improves the overall coordination and body balance. It requires a certain amount of strength to start with and hence falls under the high intensity belly fat reduction exercise. 


The initial position should be like an extended push up position to cope up with the balls height. While working out log rolls, make sure that stability ball stays in the correct position. The individual performing the exercise is supposed to re-position himself if the ball moves out of track.  

The side muscles are also worked out and give us a double benefit reducing the belly fat as well as the side muscle work out. There tends to be a much increased blood flow to the abdomen on performing log rolls using stability ball and ensures burning of fat. On the whole, log roll obviously helps much in reducing the belly fat and gives us a much improved physical fitness. 




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