How to achieve fat loss instead of losing muscle mass/water weight and achieve a healthy and natural weight loss?

A Must read article if you want to lose either your overall weight or even belly fat

Awesome! You have taken a very big step which many people are not taking. Yes, most people who are obese dream only about losing weight but they never take any steps to lose weight. You have now entered in to the world of weight loss. Your next step is to find the right path for your body to lose weight naturally. Everyone is unique and their lifestyle and body conditions differ a lot. Hence you need a custom diet suitable for your body.

Most people want to lose weight instead of losing fat. Surprisingly, more than 90% of the people who want to lose weight do not know the basic difference between weight loss and fat loss. Let me explain.

Difference between weight loss and fat loss   

Weight loss is nothing but reduction in your overall weight. For example, if you are 180 pounds now and after a month if you are 170 pounds, you have lost weight. You can lose weight in many ways. You can lose weight by reducing the water content in your body. You can lose weight by losing the unwanted fat in your body. You can also lose weight by losing your muscle mass.

If you lose weight by losing water content in your body, you will regain your weight which is a waste. If you lose weight by losing your muscle mass, you will lose all the strength you have. Hence, the right way is to lose your weight is by losing those unwanted unhealthy fat from your body. This is how you achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.

Importance of Diet and Exercises for healthy and permanent weight loss 

Diets and exercises play a vital role in losing fat. If you follow the custom diet suitable for your body with the right choice of exercises, you will lose fat rather than muscle mass or water from your body. You will be able to achieve healthy weight loss only with the help of right choice of food combinations and exercises. This differs for everyone and you can find the suitable one with the help of a proven questionnaire.

Weight Loss Pills and Diet Scams 

There are thousands of diets and weight loss scams in the internet. They range from poor quality diets/weight loss programs to unapproved diet pills and tummy belts. Recently a new type of scam is happening wherein they give free bottles of diet pills and you need to pay only for shipping using your credit card. They are calling it as free trial offers. After few days, even before the trial product reaches your home, you will be billed a massive amount from your credit card. Please be aware of these scams and don’t fall for it and suffer later. It may spoil your body completely.

Where to find a custom diet to achieve fat loss instead of losing muscle mass/water weight and achieve a healthy and natural weight loss?

Your best diet can be found with the help of a set of questionnaires from most trusted online fat loss company, eDiets. eDiets offers custom fat loss program. It is also personalized according to an individual's weight goals, and food and cooking preferences. There are over 20 popular diet plans and hundreds of exercises in the eDiets website.

Why eDiets? 

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