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Many exercises like sit ups which involves a lot of effort to reduce the belly fat are generally not encouraged by people as they have a direct effect on thighs region and they are less effective in reducing belly fats. A very effective action on the belly fat and a much ameliorated posture is obtained by performing reverse crunches. In sit ups we lower the upper torso and strain our legs to reduce the lower belly region whereas in reverse crunches we reduce the belly fat without straining the legs. In fact reverse crunches are the opposite movements of normal crunches and sit ups. 



Begin by lying flat on the floor. Stretch the arms and legs in opposite directions. Take a deep breath. Raise the legs and bend them at the knees. This is the initial position. On reaching the initial position, crunch the abdomen by bringing the knees to the forehead. Ensure that the lower back alone is lifted to touch the forehead and the head remains flat on the floor facing the ceiling. Exhale while crunching the abdomen. On stretching to the greatest possibility bring the lower back, back to the floor. Inhale while crunching back. Repeat the same steps for 8 to 12 times for a single set. 3 sets are usually done to extract maximum benefits.  


In the above mentioned procedure the hands are set free. To strain belly fats, the hands are equipped with a dumbbell as a counter weight. Reverse crunches can also be done in such a way that not only the lower back is lifted but also the upper part of the body is raised to touch the knees with forehead when counter weight is not used. These are the basic modifications. 

Common mistakes 

While crunching back do not let the feet touch the floor which will have very minimized effects on the belly fat. Keep the feet on air and do not let them come down too much. Extending the knees also makes the work out easier. This has to be avoided. While holding the counter weight, the head automatically goes up. The head in any case should not move up. Belly fat can miserably be reduced when reverse crunches are worked out without any such mistakes.  

Reverse crunches have an intensified impact on the abdomen and hence falls into the high intensity exercise. Daily work outs can aid an individual in extracting the maximum benefit along with a good posture replacing a pretty much bloated stomach within a month or so approximately.  


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