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Every workout program must be complemented with a nutrition program that optimizes the fat burnt and aids muscle growth. Regular workout doesn’t alone guarantee a slim waistline. A certain amount of fat is necessary as they make up for the reserve energy requirements of the body under adverse conditions, and it is obtained from the food we eat. There must be perfect balance between the fat consumed in the diet and the fat burnt during workouts. Excess fat consumed gets accumulated in the abdomen as belly fat and leads to a variety of heart related issues, breathing difficulties during sleep and obesity. Obesity has been a major problem for a number of decades. Obesity is a condition where there is accumulation of excessive fat around the belly region. The primary solution for belly fats is regular exercises and proper diet. There are many exercises that helps in burning the belly fat. One such exercise is explained in this article.






Russian twist is a simple and effective exercise that helps to lose belly fat. One should lie on the back on a level surface with the legs straight. The hands must be placed at the sides of the body such that they are at right angles with the body. The palm of both the hands should face the ground.




One should raise ones knees so that the shin is facing the ceiling. The knees should be parallel to the ground. Now the legs should be slowly lowered to the floor at the side such that it forms 90 degrees with the trunk. In this position, the oblique muscles are twisted in a transverse plane movement. The legs are then returned to upright position and bent as before on the other side. The above movement must be repeated at a slow pace for desired number of times.


One of the merits in this procedure is that since the knees are bent, the level is shorter and the weight used is less when compared to the full leg version. As a result, this exercise can be easily executed by beginners and is very helpful in reducing the belly fat.




A Swiss ball can be used as an accessory while working out this exercise. The ball must be placed under the calves and the same procedure is followed. The use of the Swiss ball improves the balance and further reduces the difficulty of the exercise.




The exercise must be performed in an open area which must be free from obstacles. The head and the neck should be aligned with the rest of the body and the movement should be slow and smooth without jerks. One should not hold the breath while executing the movements. People with complaints of back pain must refrain from doing this exercise. They ought to consult their physician before attempting the exercise.





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