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Physical exercises are a great way to keep our body fit and to refresh our mind. In today’s world, our lifestyle has evolved in such a way that we predominantly reduced our physical works and increase our comfort level. Even our daily chores like cooking, washing, cleaning the house etc are comforted by machines and this has a drastic effect in the metabolic process in our body. Due to this change in lifestyle, the metabolic activities are getting reduced day by day and thus resulting in unnecessary storage of fats. One such storage is the fat deposits in the underneath layer of the adipose tissues in the belly region. Side crunches are the exercises that are specially designed to reduce belly fats in the belly region and can be practiced by anyone without much physical stress and strain.  




One should lie on the floor or use a mat with legs wide spread and place your hands behind your head only to support its weight. Keep your eyes closed and take a deep breath to regulate the blood circulation and refresh your mind to make it ready for the physical work. Don’t impose stress on your head by pulling it during the exercise. The tension and the stress should be in the belly region and not in the neck. Now bend your knees approximately in the right angles and roll both the knees on the same side either left or right. Rest one hand near your exposed hip in the side and keep the other hand near your neck to support your head during the work out. Now imagine a line from your chin to your exposed hip and squeeze the abdominal muscles and slowly crunch up to the level as much as you can. Slowly lower your body and then repeat the movements. When finished on one side slowly roll both of your knees in the opposite side and repeat the work out process. During this work out session, your oblique muscles on the sides of the abdomen are stressed to expend energy. It also facilitates metabolic process to burn the belly fats. 


This exercise can be comfortably carried out in the indoors, however it is strongly recommended to do it outside. This is to make sure that fresh atmospheric air is taken in to the body to give rich supply of oxygen to your body during the workout. One should wear a comfortable dress during the workout as it should not hamper your physical movements and hinder the flow of blood. Short trousers and shoes are preferred as it is very light and increase the comfort level while doing the workout. However, the choice of dress is up to the persons who is doing the exercise and the ultimate aim is to feel comfortable and the dress which you wear should not hinder the workout motion. 


Immediate effects cannot be seen as belly fat reduction is a slow and steady process. During the exercise, we are forcing our body to generate heat in the blood with the help of rise in the body temperature. The temperature in our body rises due to the metabolic activity that we have done during the exercise. Thus the heat produced in the blood break down the fat molecules present near the blood cells and thereby reducing the belly fats. It increases the rate of metabolism and refreshes your whole body. 




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