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Our lifestyle has evolved to a way that we have drastically reduced all sorts of physical works ranging from walking to cooking. All the automatic machines and our attitude to work with full comforts have given rise to change in metabolic features inside our body. As our diet is changing with our works, more of food that we intake are not getting churned by the digestive juices resulting in unnecessary storage. One such eventuality is this belly fats. The fat molecules get accumulated in the adipose tissue beneath the outer skin layer. The belly region is more prone to this storage as it is very near the abdominal region where storage can be instantly made without long transportation. Sit ups are an exercise devised for belly fats that can be done in less time and with great effectiveness to lose belly fat.



One should lie down flat on a flat surface with legs straight and knees at 90 degrees. Feet should be placed in the ground and it should be parallel to the floor. Hands should be kept near the ears or below the chin area. With eyes closed deep breaths should be taken so that the blood circulation will be activated well and mind prepares itself for some physical work. Now, with your belly region and lower body resting completely on the floor, try to move up the upper portion of the body (above the abs region) and do a full crunching motion. During this procedure the stress should be concentrated on the belly region which will strain the abdominal muscles to expend energy. Don't try to pull your neck while doing situps as this may strain your neck. Do 3 sets of situps with 8 to 12 repetiton each with proper time interval between each set. This exercise is similar to abdominal crunches except that in crunches you don't need to rise up fully but in situps you need to rise up fully. Hence situps are very effective than abdominal crunches.

Precautions and Breathing

This exercise though can be compatible doing indoors, it is strongly recommended to be outside as it involves fresh air atmosphere to give rich supply of oxygen to blood in the body. Breathing procedures are always taken complacently by people as they do not see any direct and immediate impacts happening. It is not so, and deserves attention. Dress worn during the exercise should be light and should not hinder your activity. Short trousers and shoes can be useful for comfort levels but it is up to the person’s wish with his mode of exercising. Air should be exhaled out when you sit and air should be taken in while getting up. This is very simple logic that stomach constricts while sitting down and vice versa.



Immediate effects cannot be seen as it is a slow and gradual process. During this exercise the blood gets slightly heated because of the rise in the body temperature. The blood vessels in the belly fat region will start to show its heating effects in the nearby cells which are obviously rich in fats. This heating effect will break down the fat molecules present. Other effects are that it improves fitness of legs and increases the rate of metabolism within the body with rise in temperature. This exercise will also improve the overall fitness of the body as blood circulation is refreshed every now and then with fresh air.




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