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It is irrefutable that we have got addicted to the habit of consuming junk foods. The junk foods are heavily poised with indigestible fat and complex food molecules which occur as stray storage inside the body. The multifaceted fat in the junk foods we take in the form of pizzas, burgers and all tasty baked items provide stiff resistance to the action of digestion enzymes and acids in the body. All these are sent to the adipose layer of the skin tissues all over the body and especially in the belly region. The belly muscles unlike other parts of the body are flexible and will elongate as storage increases. There are few exercises which can be carried out on a regular basis that will keep this problem of belly fat within limits. One such imperative exercise is discussed here.


How to Do Stomach Twisting

The formula of doing this exercise is quite simple but the breathing procedure and slowness of exercise has a bigger impact in the outcome. For doing this exercise, one should stand on a flat surface with legs kept closer near to attention position of cops. Hands should be stretched in front where the eyes should see the nails of the hand. This is the position one has to take before starting up the exercise. Now, with eyes still fixed at nails, the hands should be moved towards left side of the body to maximum possible extent. The position of legs should be stern and should not incline in any direction while the upper part of the body reaches maximum angle of twist. After reaching the last point, hold there for about a second and slowly come back to the original position. The same procedure should be followed while going to the right of the body as well. Twelve times on each side of the body will produce adequate strains to the stomach which can reduce nearly one inch of belly fat in two or three weeks. You need to do three sets of exercise each day i.e., 12 x 3 = 36 times.

Importance of Breathing

The slowness and breathing is very important while doing this exercise. Whenever the stomach shrinks during the course of exercise, one should exhale and whenever the stomach expands, air should be taken inside. In this exercise while going to the maximum position from original position, one should start exhaling and vice versa. The slowness will impart more strains to the belly region which will cause burning of fats.



This belly fat exercise is advisable to be done in the morning as soon as you wake up and this will give best results when compared to any other time. The fats in the belly region will be burnt and the abs muscle will also constrict preventing any further hang over. This also will not cause sweating and unnecessary loss of energy inside the body. As this exercise directly targets the belly region, the impact created for the process is bull’s eye.

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