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The Crab Ab exercise is done to concentrate on an isolated part of the body especially on specific muscles in the belly region. The crab abdominal is one such work out which mainly concentrates on the belly region and the lower torso of the body. As they ponder over the belly, region they tend to help in reducing the belly fat effectively.



Begin by lying flat on the floor. Raise the legs and bend the knees. A chair like pose with the knees at right angles is normally preferred but during this workout it is tough to maintain the same position and so the knees can be bent but not to a greater extent. Place the arms behind the head in such a way that the elbows point towards the sides and the elbows are not be visible to the eyes and should point towards the east and west direction. The feet should point the wall. This is the initial position. Take a deep breath. Crunch towards any one side by bringing the elbow along the sides and move the toes towards the elbows. Execute this as slow as possible so that the fat around the bloated belly burns out effectively. It is very difficult to bring the toes and elbows together along the side but can be done to the greatest possible level. Exhale while crunching along the side. Return back to the initial position as slow as possible and inhale while doing so. Work out the same in the opposite side. 8 to 12 repetitions are normally preferred in a set. 3 sets are done with certain time intervals to extract the maximum benefit. 

Precautions and Effects  

The crunch down movement along the sides can be done by sliding on the floor but not resting on it completely. The trunk has a major effect due to this. The elbows should be extended towards the sides and it should not be visible to the eyes. While crunching, the elbows tend to come forward in front of the face. Proper practice and control over the work out can eliminate this problem. The legs are raised up and so while crunching down the legs do come down. This has to be avoided.  

This is a comparatively a hard workout than the other exercises to reduce belly fat. Obviously this falls into the high intensity workouts carried out to reduce the belly fat. It is quite hard to start with but once worked out on a routine basis we can witness great results in a short period of time.  

This exercise directly affects the hips region/love handles and helps in getting a very good shape in the hips region. There are very few exercises to reduce fat in the hip region and hence this is highly recommended.  




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