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The belly fat reduction and developing healthy abs region is very much possible with appropriate ways of exercise and diet. Maintaining a prominent waist line and stiff muscles can be achieved by doing any sort of exercise regularly. In the total set up of metabolic cycles induced by exercises it is not so that the desired areas of fats get reduced during workouts. To bring this factor in terms, concentrating on specific exercise is important. One such exercise is discussed here which is meant for targeting the belly region along with the trunk of the body.


Body Position 

One should lie down on a flat floor with knees as 90 degrees. Feet should be parallel to the floor and should rest on the floor. The hands should kept on the either side and should face east and west direction. Now keep one hand parallel to the body and the other hand in the same position. Twist your trunk region towards the left while the right hand is facing in right hand direction. Repeat the procedure on the other side. Repeat the whole procedure for 8 to 12 times a day with 2 to 3 sets.


With the position ready, deep breath should be taken in and body should be twisted to around 45 degrees sideward. Now, without any agitation to the position of hands and legs full circular twists should be done completing a circle. Same procedure should be followed in clock wise and anti clockwise directions so that the strains imparted to the abdominal region is balanced and no side strains can affect muscles in the other regions.


Air should be taken in before starting the exercise. While doing the exercise, air should be slowly exhaled. This is a simple logic that fresh air oxygen is taken in and with exercise procedure the impurities are let out of the body with superfluous gases. Also other impurities will be excreted out in the form of sweat. be taken Air should always in while stomach expands and exhalation should be done whenever stomach is constricted from original relaxed state.

Precautions and Effects 


The dress worn should be loose and should not inhibit blood flow in the body. No food should be taken in before starting the exercise as it would prompt nauseating sensations. The effect of this exercise is very good as it is not a simple exercise imparting out of target pressures. Nutrient rich drinks like glucose mixed with water are essential after few hours of doing this exercise as it consumes larger part of the energy with belly is toiling with workouts.



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