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Truth About Six Pack Abs Review


Truth About Abs, the most sought after fitness e-book from when it was published in 2004 is the right choice for any fitness enthusiast, especially to those who want “six packs abs”.  

Mike Geary - The Author 

Truth About Abs is authored by Mike Geary, a nutritionist and a fitness trainer by profession. In the book he has outlined a great deal of his experience in the fitness industry. 

The outlook of the book itself shows how different it is from other books of the same genre. Mike begins his discussion about the various misconceptions people have about the abdominal muscles and gives a clear explanation of the reality. 

Thus, you know what you need and what you don’t even while you are reading the introductory pages. Next he clearly sketches out the nutritional facts of food and how to choose food for your meal coupled with exercise.  

The Book 

Getting “Six Pack Abs” is not easy and would not be achieved by consuming herbal medicines or other no sweat exercises and belts. You have to follow a strict regime consisting of the right food and the right exercise. 

Mike, in his Truth About Abs has explained exactly this. The book consists of fourteen chapters, in which he has discussed topics like metabolism, fat accumulation and how it happens, training your abs properly and so on. 

You would find detailed descriptions about different types of workouts and what happens in the body and muscles when you perform these exercises. 

This book also includes information about diet, nutrition, blood sugar, calorie burning and also additional information in this aspect. 

Thus Truth About Abs gives you the best advice in a crisp and brief manner giving you extra motivation on working out to keep your body fit and firm. Some of the points discussed in the book are quite interesting, some of which are summarized here. 

Nature of Abdominal Muscles and Toning Them 

Mike Geary has expressed his dedication towards his profession in the discussion about the nature of abdominal muscles. His clear explanation shows his understanding of the muscles and how to tone them into firmer ripped abs. 

Any reader can easily understand what is meant to learn and also have a fair idea of the reason to have a proper diet and the right exercise that are required to reduce belly fat. 

Muscles basically are continuous sheets that protect the internal organs and aid in pelvic movement, so that your body is kept in the proper posture. Lessening fat that is covering the muscles may not be the right approach to get six pack abs, you have to rather concentrate on training the muscles to bring them to proper shape. 

The Six Pack Myths 

It is quite normal for people to misunderstand a lot of concepts regarding six pack abs and this has lead numerous myths that have no scientific base. Mike Geary has understood this practicality regarding six pack abs training and has taken much pain to explain about every myth and why it is a myth and not truth. 

Fat Burners 

The so called fat burners such as the diet pills, creams and equipment that promise spot reduction of fat are the most unpredictable and will leave your skin loose giving a total unhealthy look to you. To add up you may be left with many side effects. 

Many fat reduction health supplements even lead you to crave for food making your bulkier instead of the opposite. 


People tend to eat more and more food proportionate to the exercise they perform. This is a total waste of time and effort. All your effort you put in for those hundreds of crunches and sit ups would be wasted on the calories that you consume everyday rather than burning the accumulated fat. 

You have to take the right nutrition. Mike explains about some great fat burning foods that help in reducing tummy fat fairly enough. You would be surprised by the list of food that you can easily include in your diet that would help you in cutting calories. 


It has been an age old myth that curl-ups, sit- ups and other ab workouts are the best to train abdominal muscles. Well Mike has clearly explained that they are not so. He says such exercises have the least effect on the abs as compared to his comprehensive workout schedule that can reduce your belly fat in a matter of weeks. Also doing the same exercise on a regular basis would not help you in at all.  

Thus all the myths that are commonly found in humans have been dealt in detail and give you a better understanding of your body. This not only helps you in improving your workouts but also gives you motivation towards attaining your goal of getting six pack abs. 

The Complete Body Workout 

In Truth About Abs, Mike gives a clear idea that exercises should be holistic rather than spot specified. Your body is one complex structure and is not made of different units and hence to reduce fat in your abs you have follow workouts that work on your complete body as a whole. 

Along with sharing numerous tips about workouts, Mike Geary has also given a power packed workout regime that has the capacity to burn more fat than conventional exercises when followed regularly. 

Food That Burn Fat 

Mike takes you by surprise when he gives the food that you otherwise would not have considered as fat burners. These foods prevent fat formation and help you in reducing extra accumulation of fat. This includes food such as milk, whole grains, cereals, jalapenos and oats which are regarded as the most effective fat burning treats by Geary. 

Mike has also given an account of foods that you must strictly avoid, which would give you great results if you do not include them in your diet. 


There are many books that promise to deliver great results for people who want six pack abs; however, Mike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs is one book that has enough content to prove that it can deliver what he promises. 

The simple and easy to understand explanation gives a clear idea to even beginners. His workout regime that includes nutrition and exercise as part and parcel of each other has made the whole approach towards attaining six pack abs simple and accomplishable.