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Disciplined way of leading life will force all the turmoil out of the way. This indeed is a tough task with changing life styles and man’s unlimited desires. We have a propensity to deviate from a disciplined approach of health many number of times ranging from ‘getting addicted to junk foods’ and ‘going to nearby places in air conditioned cars’. It so happens that we take all these privileges for society concerns. However, these concerns will be of less regard to us if we keep in mind that life free from diseases is important. Here are few facts which will help dealing with the belly fat problem. The biggest advantage of the exercises given here is that they can be done very casually during spare time without any physical strains.


Vacuum Pose 

This is nothing but sucking in the belly region by taking out air from the stomach. This can be done casually for a period of two to five minutes whenever you find time during your work or during leisure time. This hardly takes your energy and time but can prove very effective over a period of time. While doing this small bit of exercise, care should be taken that the movements of belly in and out should be rhythmic in order to promote regular refreshment of air. This exercise has two advantages namely the circulation of fresh air which helps in breaking up of molecules and the other one is inducement of pressure in the belly that will dissipate some energy in the inside region. It may seem quite easy but not so for people who have developed bellies to slightly advanced stages.

Belly Rubs 

This is another simple and casual exercise which many of us do without conscious efforts. This exercise is simply rubbing the belly region with soft hands wiping the surface. Whenever there is rubbing of two layers, some heat will be produced. This heat produced here will penetrate into the skin layer and affect the fat molecules stored under the skin in the abdominal region. Any chemical material would break with the heating effect and fats are no exceptions. This will reduce some of the fats present in the belly region without any hard strained exercises. The quantity of this exercise is not applicable as it can be done again and again.


The exercises mentioned above will not consume much of your time and most importantly there is no need to toil hard by sweating. Practicing these from the initial stages of belly fats will prevent the storage of fats considerably. It does not matter whether or not we take food before and after exercise. Also, it is easy to tell others about the procedure and effects of this exercise. 






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